Leo Ku, Leo Ku Kui Kei (古巨基 ) Ku Kui Kei (Gu Ju Ji) is a  Hong Kong Cantopop and Mandopop singer, actor, TV host, model, cartoonist, MV director, and producer and designer. He employs falsetto as a singing technique and was named as one of the Five Fresh Tigers of TVB. 


Interesting Facts: 
-Birthdate: 1972-Aug-18
-Birthplace: Hong Kong
-Height: 180cm
-Weight: 66kg
-Star sign: Leo
-Chinese zodiac: Rat
-Blood type: B
-Family: Younger brother
-Talent agency and record label: Gold Label (2003-2009), EEG (2009-)

TV Series:

    Cao Cao (2015)
    Chun Guang Can Lan Zhi Huan Le Yuan Shuai as Zhu Ba Jie (2012)
    Youth Melody (CCTV, 2011)
    Twist Love (2006)
    Hearts of Fencing II - Sunshine Heartbeat (TVB, 2004, guest)
    Princess Returning Pearl III (2002)
    Romance in the Rain (CCTV, 2001)
    Weapons of Power (TVB, 1996)
    Justice Pao (TVB, 1996)
    Corner the Con Man (皇家反千組) (TVB, 1996)
    Stepping Stone (總有出頭天) (TVB, 1995)
    The Trail of Love (前世冤家) (TVB, 1994)
    Instinct (TVB, 1994)
    The Change of Time (TVB, 1992)

TV series Theme Songs:

    Ordinary (平凡), The Green Grass of Home opening theme song (2007)
    Tian Shang Ren Jian (天上人間) Heaven on Earth, Princess Returning Pearl III opening theme song (2002)
    Hao Xiang, Hao Xiang, Romance in the Rain ending theme song (2001)
    Truth Feelings (感情真相), Detective Investigation Files opening theme song (1995)
    Always Foolish Towards You (對你始終痴心一往), Detective Investigation Files insert song (1995)


    Skiptrace (2015)
    Two Thumbs Up (2015)
    Lan Kwai Fong 2 (2012)
    The Princess and the Frog (2009)
    Fit Lover (2008)
    Super Fans (2007)
    Love @ First Note (2006)
    My Kung-Fu Sweetheart (2006)
    Love Message (2005)
    Robots (2005)
    Love Under the Sun (2003)
    So Close (2002)
    Stuart Little 2 (2002)
    When I Look Upon the Stars (1999)
    Anna Magdalena (1998)
    Task Force (1997)
    Cause We Are So Young (1997)
    Romantic Dream (1995)
    Fatal Assignment (1995)
    Love on Delivery (1994)


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