On the 478th day when Gu Yunzheng went to Lakaya to perform a medical assistance mission, he was suddenly asked to go to the city to guide the removal of a huge meningioma for a patient with cardiac failure, and then returned to Lakaya without stopping. , preparing to perform a major operation himself. Their mission here is, firstly, to save more lives under the difficult local medical conditions; secondly, to teach them how to fish. After they leave this land, local doctors will still be able to provide the best treatment to patients.

Since the patient fell from a high altitude and his condition was very serious, and due to limited medical conditions, he could only perform simple bandaging of the open wound. Specifically, he had to wait for Gu Yunzheng to come back before further treatment. Gu Yunzheng arranged for them to prepare for the operation first, one hour at the latest. Surgery will begin within a day.

At the airport, Su Weian was selling the purchased Maotai liquor to tourists, but was questioned as selling fake liquor. At the critical moment, the tour guide appeared and cooperated with Su Weian, singing and deceiving tourists to buy. Because Gu Yunzheng didn't take a taxi for a long time, Su Weian's attention caught his attention. Seeing that he was a rich man, he wanted to make a fortune.

Su Wei'an promised to send Gu Yunzheng to the hospital within fifty minutes, and the so-called car she called was a motorcycle, which made Gu Yunzheng laugh angrily. But when Gu Yunzheng took off his sunglasses, Su Wei'an was surprised to find that the other person was the teacher who had taught her in college and was also the object of her admiration. She was instantly panicked and it was too late to return the money.

On the way to the hospital, there was a traffic jam ahead, so Su Wei'an had to take Gu Yunzheng to take a shortcut. After arriving at the hospital, Gu Yunzheng was so busy doing surgery that he left things in the car. Su Wei'an did not leave immediately, but waited outside. As a result, he received a call from his best friend Jiang Muying.

Back then, Su Weian was a top undergraduate student at Huaren Medical University. She was supposed to go to Paris to study abroad, but she suddenly abandoned medicine and went into business and fled to Lakaya, hiding that her family was running a small business in Lakaya. Jiang Muying had already suspected Su Weian, so she flew to Lakaya alone to find her and asked her to pick her up in her car.

While she was talking, there was a loud noise in the distance. Su Weian looked at the sound and saw that there had been a car accident. The scene of her father Su Jianguo's death appeared in her mind. Because the situation was critical, Su Weian didn't have time to say anything, so she adjusted her emotions and rescued the patient as quickly as possible. Because she used an electric drill to open the patient's skull, the process was so scary that the onlookers thought she was killing someone. In panic, she Call the police.

After confirming that the patient had been sent to the hospital, Su Wei'an finally felt relieved and turned around to find that the car had disappeared. Just when Su Weian was looking for the car, he was kidnapped by the police as a murderer. In desperation, he had to spend money to bribe the police officer and asked him to make a phone call and contact Jiang Muying to move the rescuers.

Gu Yunzheng carefully observed the condition of the patient who was sent here, and became very interested in the person who opened the patient's skull. After all, the other person was able to determine the location of the bleeding without doing a CT scan, which was enough to show that the other person had the qualifications to become a surgical master. After receiving the news, Jiang Muying rushed to the hospital and found Gu Yunzheng through Fang Mingfan.

Originally, Gu Yunzheng was not interested in the matter of bail, but when he heard that he was going to rescue the patient, he couldn't help but become curious, and he readily agreed to follow Jiang Muying to the police station to testify. In the police station, the two looked at each other in surprise. Gu Yunzheng heard Su Wei'an's name very familiar, and carefully recalled that Su Wei'an was his student, but he later delayed the exam because of saving people.

Gu Yunzheng originally thought that Su Weian would become an excellent doctor, but he did not expect that she would choose to drop out of school. Gu Yunzheng asked Su Weian why he did this. Su Weian lied that he only wanted to make money and that studying medicine was hard and poor. This sentence made Gu Yunzheng very dissatisfied. Su Weian did not have enough money to pay the fine, so she had to ask Gu Yunzheng to pay the fine on her behalf. Before leaving, Gu Yunzheng said that his students did not give up halfway and that if she was found to rescue her without permission next time, she would definitely cooperate with the police to bring her to justice. .

Although Su Weian explained to the public that she chose to drop out of school because she wanted to make money, as a good best friend, Jiang Muying believed that her dropping out was related to what happened back then. Su Weian wanted to deliver wine to the General's Mansion, but today was such an unlucky day that he had to pay for both the car and the wine, which also delayed the business. His family was turned upside down by the people from the General's Mansion. Jiang Muying thought of the job recruitment she saw at the hospital and recommended Su Weian as a French translator. This would ensure a job while avoiding the general's investigation.


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