Originally, the rescue mission was about to expire, and Gu Yunzheng was hesitant, but now he had a new choice, that is, he was willing to give up returning to China for Su Weian, and applied to the hospital for an extension to stay in Lakaya. Su Wei'an had mixed feelings after hearing this. She walked out of the tent silently and watched the sunrise accompanied by Gu Yunzheng. Gu Yunzheng promised to stay with her for the rest of his life.

On the way back, Su Wei'an looked at Gu Yunzheng's profile and recalled the details of how they got to know each other. Although she was moved by Gu Yunzheng's promise, she was also moved by a little regret. Because of his condition, Su Weian did not dare to hope for the future. Being able to have the present moment was enough.

When his grandfather learned that Gu Yunzheng had a girlfriend, he no longer cared about his absence from the birthday party and even started planning and preparing a wedding room, which made Gu Yunzheng dumbfounded. Then Gu Yunzheng made a cake himself, and it was very presentable. Fang Mingfan was surprised by this and couldn't help but wonder when he learned to make cakes.

Gu Yunzheng was stunned when he heard this and recalled that when he was a child, his mother went to Lakaya and his father married a new wife. No one cared about his birthday, only his grandfather carefully prepared a cake. In order to spend a happy birthday with his grandson, his grandfather ate a few bites of cake even though he knew he had diabetes, which caused his blood sugar to rise. When Gu Yunzheng was scolded by his father, his grandfather took the initiative to defend him.

Over the years, Gu Yunzheng never had anyone with whom he could share cakes. Until he met Su Wei'an, he was relieved that he had found his life partner. Gu Yunzheng sent a text message to ask Su Wei'an to go on a date on the rooftop tonight to eat cake. Jiang Muying, who was gossiping, was eager to know how Su Wei'an and Gu Yunzheng got along.

At this time, Su Wei'an received a call from her mother and learned that her aunt Su Yuan had just suffered from Huntington's disease, causing her to instantly fall into the bottom of darkness, and her heart became cold. However, her mother had not noticed anything strange about Su Weian, and thought she was studying in France, so she persuaded her to come back to visit her aunt.

In the end, Su Weian decided to pack her things and return home overnight. Before leaving, she confessed everything to Jiang Muying and told her not to tell Gu Yunzheng. Although Su Wei felt relieved and couldn't bear to leave Gu Yunzheng, she didn't want to be a burden to him, so she could only bear the pain and leave the Friendship Hospital with her luggage.

On the other hand, Gu Yunzheng was preparing for a grand confession ceremony on the rooftop of the hospital, but did not wait for Su Wei'an to show up. No one answered his phone calls, but Jiang Muying revealed that Su Wei'an left without saying goodbye. Gu Yunzheng hurriedly drove to the airport, but unfortunately Su Wei'an had already boarded a flight to China, refused to answer the phone and turned off his phone, while he stood there frustrated.

After returning to China, Su Weian met his aunt Su Yuan. The furnishings in the room had never changed, and the scenes during his study days seemed like yesterday. When his father died in a car accident, Su Weian checked the surveillance and found that his father's hands seemed to be uncontrollable. Later, he found out that he suffered from hereditary chorea, which may occur when he is thirty years old, and he will no longer be able to perform surgery. knife.

Su Wei'an searched for the latest domestic research results on the treatment of Huntington's disease and noticed that HDQ39, being studied by Zhanghe Hospital, was recruiting research subjects. He took the initiative to discuss with his mother and persuade his aunt to try the drug. That night, Su Wei'an took the initiative to send a message to Wen Ran, hoping that she could help introduce him, but Wen Ran turned a blind eye to it.

Since Su Wei'an left, Gu Yunzheng has been working overtime and staying up late for many days in a row. Even during breaks, he would sit outside alone in a daze. Everyone guessed that it was related to Su Wei'an. Jiang Muying took a photo and gave it to Su Weian, feeling a little pitiful about him. Su Weian felt equally uncomfortable, but still couldn't care about anything else. The top priority was to stop Su Yuan from wanting to die and try to persuade her to cheer up. The next morning, Su Weian came to Zhanghe Hospital in person and passed by Du Yuncheng.


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