In a blink of an eye, it was Grandpa Du's eightieth birthday. His former subordinates and old friends came to celebrate his birthday one after another, and Du Yongsong and his wife personally came to entertain him. Du Yuncheng called his assistant on the balcony and told him that Su Wei'an's aunt must be allowed into the experimental group and that it must be reasonable and legal. The other party promised to take care of everything.

Du's mother came over and asked her son whether he should seize this opportunity and bring Wen Ran to the birthday party so that he could be looked down upon by his grandfather. However, Du Yuncheng did not agree with this view and said that even if he married the best woman in the world, his grandfather would like it. The grandson is still Gu Yunzheng. Because of this, Du's mother felt sorry for her son's lack of attention and couldn't help but complain to Du Yongsong.

As soon as he finished speaking, Gu Yunzheng came in from outside dragging his luggage. The whole family was surprised by Gu Yunzheng's appearance. Only his grandfather was very happy and couldn't wait to introduce his outstanding grandson to his friends. Even if Du Mu felt any dissatisfaction in her heart, she could not show it. On the other hand, Du Yongsong complained that Gu Yunzheng should not come back today, because today was the Friendship Hospital's commendation meeting and invited many officials from the embassy, ​​which was a good opportunity to expand his contacts.

Du Yongsong then told Gu Yunzheng to report to the hospital next week, and the hospital had decided to upgrade him to the third line. Gu Yunzheng showed disdain when he heard this, and said that the promotion was based on the comprehensive evaluation of the department leaders. The cumulative number of operations exceeded 800, and he could be promoted to the third line in two years of assistance, so he got it based on his strength and had nothing to do with Du Yongsong.

Seeing that the atmosphere was full of gunpowder, Grandpa Du spoke to calm the dispute that was about to break out between the two. Gu Yunzheng brought many things back to his grandfather, and also mentioned how he got acquainted with General Kuyat. General Kuyat knew that his grandfather was celebrating his birthday, so he specially gave him a German pocket watch from World War II as a gift, and also awarded Gu Yunzheng a medal.

Grandpa Du was proud of Gu Yuncheng from the bottom of his heart and kept showing off to everyone. Du Yuncheng couldn't stand it anymore and made excuses to go back to the company first. Originally, his parents advised Du Yuncheng to stay and wait for the birthday banquet to end, but Grandpa Du didn't care and said that it would be fine as long as Gu Yuncheng was present. Du Yuncheng turned and left under everyone's gaze.

Jiang Muying went to find Su Wei'an when she came back from Lakaya, but Su's mother pulled her around and asked questions, eager to know Su Wei'an's relationship status. Regarding the origin of the stone, Jiang Muying quickly said that it was a lucky thing for attracting peach blossoms. Su's mother had heard her daughter murmuring Yun Zheng's name in her sleep. Jiang Muying hurriedly interrupted and said it was Du Yuncheng, and finally got over it.

After completing the medical assistance mission, Gu Yunzheng returned to the Friendship Hospital and met the arrogant He Xiaoguang again. The two were not only colleagues, but also competitors. Fang Mingfan and Gu Yunzheng made an appointment to go to the psychiatry department for a psychological evaluation. They had long heard that a female doctor who had just graduated from Harvard had come to the hospital. Unexpectedly, Dr. Li Wandong fell in love with Gu Yunzheng at first sight.

Facing Li Wantong's confession, Gu Yunzheng felt incredible, and felt that there was something wrong with her brain and she didn't take it seriously at all. Fang Mingfan asked Jiang Muying to have dinner, but Jiang Muying had to accompany her parents to entertain her neighbors who had returned from the United States tonight. At first, she was not interested in the dinner at all, until she saw her neighbor's son Yan Kai, and was instantly attracted by his handsomeness, and remembered what happened to the two when they were children. So we exchanged contact information.

Aunt Su Yuan successfully joined the group to test the medicine. The whole family was grateful to Du Yuncheng, and Su's mother was even more confused. In order to feel at ease and belong to someone, Su deliberately kept a distance from Du Yuncheng and planned to invite him to dinner to express his gratitude. At this time, Gu Yunzheng learned about Su Weian's situation through Huaren Medical University, and learned that Su Weian had a hidden reason for dropping out of school, and he became more suspicious. That night, Gu Yuncheng drove to the Su family's address to try his luck, and accidentally bumped into Su Wei'an and Du Yuncheng together, and misunderstood the real reason for Su Wei'an's return to China. Gu Yunzheng originally wanted to speak clearly, but a patient with cerebral hernia came to the hospital, so he had to turn around and rush to the hospital.


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