Wen Ran believed that the reason for Du Yuncheng's breakup was Su Weian, but Du Yuncheng took out the location software on his mobile phone and was very disgusted with this kind of mutual distrust. As a result, Wen Ran became more resentful towards Su Weian and deliberately spread the news in the hospital that Su Weian had reported his tutor He Xiaoguang and dropped out of school. Even the lie about studying in Paris was exposed by He Xiaoguang in public.

When Su's mother was on the verge of collapse, Gu Yunzheng came forward to defend Su Weian, proving that Su Weian was one of the best students he had ever taught, and that she had done nothing wrong back then. On the contrary, it was some teachers who liked to engage in small tricks that violated teachers' ethics. . When He Xiaoguang heard this, he became angry and mocked Gu Yunzheng for helping Su Wei'an because he liked her. Su's mother yelled back and made He Xiaoguang unable to come down, venting her anger on her daughter's behalf.

Later, Su Weian admitted to her mother that she had dropped out of school, and at the same time concealed the fact that she had Huntington's disease, the third generation of her father's family. She lied that she did not want to continue studying medicine and had been traveling abroad these years. Su's mother couldn't bear to blame her daughter, so she stopped questioning her. She couldn't help but gossip about her daughter's relationship with Gu Yunzheng, but Su Wei'an denied it.

Du Yuncheng arranged a VIP ward for his aunt. The whole family was grateful, but Gu Yuncheng was extremely unhappy. After Su Yuan woke up, her symptoms were obvious. Her hands twitched uncontrollably. She was also laughed at by children in the hospital, and her self-esteem was seriously affected. Gu Yunzheng prepared auxiliary things for Su Yuan, which moved Su Wei'an very much, but when she faced Gu Yunzheng, she would always escape unconsciously. Gu Yunzheng hoped that Su Wei'an would not deserter if anything happened in the future.

After get off work, Gu Yuncheng went to the library to look for information about Huntington's disease, and returned to the office to read it all night. Su Weian brought supper to Gu Yunzheng and thanked him for taking care of his aunt. He accidentally saw him checking information on chorea and felt that there was no need for him to waste time on this incurable disease.

Wen Ran thought of Du Yuncheng's investment in chorea research projects, and then thought of Aunt Su Weian's suffering from chorea, and suspected that Su Weian might also have chorea. Because of this, Wen Ran provoked Su Weian in front of Su's mother, forcing Su Weian to do a genetic test at Huaren Hospital, and even stole Su Weian's toothbrush and handed it over to the testing center. After seeing this, Su Weian was angry and accused her of taking her own things without permission. Wen Ran falsely stated that she wanted to ensure the accuracy of the test report.

Early the next morning, Su Weian sent Jiang Muying to steal the news, but Wen Ran unexpectedly took the lead. Without the authorization of the person concerned, Wen Ran found Xiaojuan at the testing center and took away the report for various reasons. Sure enough, the positive result on the report confirmed her suspicion. Jiang Muying hurriedly called Su Weian. Fortunately, Su Weian prepared one in advance. However, Jiang Muying met Gu Yunzheng on the way to the ward and lied that she was checking her body.

But Gu Yunzheng didn't believe it. There was no need to do a genetic test if his stomach was uncomfortable. He suspected that it was related to Su Weian, so he turned back in a hurry. At the same time, Du Yuncheng received news from Wen Ran and came to the hospital. Wen Ran pretended to reveal that Su Wei'an had Huntington's disease, which Su's mother found difficult to accept.

Jiang Muying came in from the door and took a negative test report. The two of them had different opinions. Mother Su didn't know whose words to believe. At the critical moment, Gu Yunzheng came forward to question Wen Ran because he had not been entrusted by the client and could not take the report without authorization, otherwise it would be a serious violation of discipline. Wen Ran was afraid of Gu Yunzheng's warning and had to lie and claim that it was a picked up report. Mother Su was finally relieved.

Even so, Gu Yunzheng still didn't believe that the report in Jiang Muying's hand was true. He went to Xiaojuan from the testing center, and even if the other party denied it, he could see that he was nervous. Su Wei'an knew that Gu Yunzheng would definitely be suspicious, but she could not make a promise to Gu Yunzheng. Instead of waiting until the onset of chorea, it was better to end the relationship as soon as possible to avoid disturbing others. Gu Yunzheng drove Su Weian away, but Su Weian still emphasized that he had no feelings for Gu Yunzheng and that it was just a temporary impulse in Lakaya.


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