Su Weian tried her best to clear up the relationship with Gu Yunzheng, but Gu Yunzheng felt that she was duplicitous. The harsher she spoke on the surface, the more she actually loved him. So Gu Yunzheng decided to listen to what Su Weian said in reverse. Su Weian felt very speechless and was too lazy to say another word to him, so he turned around and left.

Du Yuncheng learned about what Wen Ran had done and questioned him sharply. Wen Ran retorted that Su Wei'an had a purpose, but when she recalled the whole experience with Du Yuncheng, she suddenly realized that Du Yuncheng was deliberately getting closer to her and investing in the HDQ39 project was for Su Wei'an.

Back then, Wen Ran liked Du Yuncheng and introduced him to his father, and their interactions became more frequent. Du Yuncheng had no feelings for Wen Ran and rejected Wen Ran's confession in public. From that time on, he was shunned by Wen Ran's father. Later, Du Yuncheng turned to Wen Ran for help and had to stay with her.

In fact, Du Yuncheng knew that Wen Ran was very vain and utilitarian. Before she learned that Du Yuncheng was Du Yongsong's son, she had never said a word. If it weren't for the fact that Du Yuncheng was the president of Jiehui Company, she might not have looked at him seriously. Wen Ran threatened that Du Yuncheng would destroy his career if he insisted on breaking up. Du Yuncheng found it ironic and said that Professor Wen would know what was important and what was important.

Du Yuncheng then called Su Weian and drove to pick him up based on the location address. Su Wei'an glanced at Gu Yuncheng, who was following silently behind, and got into Du Yuncheng's car. On the way back, Du Yuncheng revealed to Su Wei'an that he had broken up with Wen Ran and hoped that she could come to Jiehui Company to help him, but Su Wei'an politely refused.

Gu Yuncheng recalled Du Yuncheng's considerate care for Su Weian and thought that he liked Su Weian. The next morning, Gu Yunzheng thoughtfully prepared breakfast for Su Weian, but was disappointed. Du Yuncheng happened to come over, and Su Wei'an proposed to visit Jiehui Company, but in fact he was using him as a shield.

But in fact, Du Yuncheng sincerely invited Su Weian to visit the company, focusing on the public welfare research pipeline including drugs to cure Huntington's disease. The Sino-French Neurosurgery Academic Exchange Conference is about to be held in Shenzhen. Dr. Lu from the French National Center for Scientific Research will arrive in Jinhai at the weekend. Su Weian has heard about Dr. Lu for a long time. Du Yuncheng asked Su Weian to help receive the French Chinese. Dr. Lu.

On the other side, after receiving the news, Gu Yunzheng came to receive Dr. Lu on behalf of Huaren Hospital. During this period, Gu Yunzheng talked with Dr. Lu, but the other party ignored him, which made the assistant a little dissatisfied and complained. Du Yuncheng and Su Weian came to the hotel where Dr. Lu lived on behalf of Jiehui Company, and the two parties competed for Dr. Lu's patent.

While Su Weian was chatting with Dr. Lu, Du Yuncheng directly told Gu Yuncheng that he liked Su Weian and would pursue her. For the next period of time, the three of them accompanied Dr. Lu all the way. Dr. Lu was resistant to them at first, but Su Weian's eloquent tongue successfully convinced Dr. Lu to let her be a tour guide.

During this period, everyone promised Dr. Lu that he would never talk about official matters. Dr. Lu's physical strength was so good that he visited one scenic spot after another, and even Su Wei'an couldn't bear it. Gu Yunzheng called the teacher and mentioned that Dr. Lu was a bit tricky. The teacher smiled and responded that he was known to be stubborn and needed to be impressed with sincerity and sincerity.

Wen Ran met with Du's mother in private, pretending to be aggrieved and revealed that Du Yuncheng had moved on to Su Wei'an, and even threw dirt on Su Wei'an, thinking that she was deliberately retaliating against her for seducing Du Yuncheng. Originally, Du's mother liked Wen Ran as her prospective daughter-in-law and her family background, so she immediately called her son and reminded him to cherish his relationship with Wen Ran. Du Yuncheng saw Wen Ran's plot and did not expose him directly.

Although Dr. Lu had long stated that he would not sell the patent, Su Weian did not give up completely. He took him and Gu Yunzheng to Wanwei Bar and went on stage to join the band in person. He must ensure that Dr. Lu returned home happily. Dr. Lu noticed that Gu Yuncheng was smiling when he looked at Su Weian. He raised his camera and took a few photos, which revealed that he and Du Yuncheng both liked this girl.


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