Facing Dr. Lu's curiosity, Gu Yunzheng admitted that he liked Su Wei'an and said that she was a very special girl. Dr. Lu saw that Su Wei'an and Gu Yunzheng liked each other, so he asked the two to compete on the grounds of cooperation. Gu Yunzheng took this opportunity to confess. The rainbow light and shadow touched Su Wei'an's heart, but he had to suppress his feelings.

Su Wei'an boldly guessed that there were loopholes in the patent. Dr. Lu was impressed by her, but still did not consider cooperation. After leaving the bar, Gu Yunzheng revealed to Su Wei'an alone that there was definitely something wrong with the HDQ39 project, and he suspected that his aunt's brain aneurysm might be related to the HDQ39 drug trial. However, Su Weian was unwilling to stop taking the medicine rashly and decisively rejected Gu Yunzheng's suggestion.

Du Yuncheng was arranged by his mother to date Wen Ran. When he drove Wen Ran home, he warned him not to be clever in the future. The reason why his mother liked her was because of her family background. Wen Ran didn't mind at all, but Du Yuncheng had already made it clear that he and Wen Ran were together to develop the HDQ39 project. If he hadn't threatened him with Professor Wen, he wouldn't have started this relationship at all.

Du Yuncheng then called Su Weian, but Gu Yuncheng hung up the phone directly. Gu Yuncheng was very dissatisfied with the frequent exchanges between Su Wei'an and Du Yuncheng, and even asked her what she thought of what happened between them. Why could Su Wei'an unilaterally declare an end to the things they encountered in Lakaya and end it hastily?

Su Weian admitted that she was just such a person. She liked to give up halfway and never took relationships seriously. Her words disappointed Gu Yuncheng. Gu Yunzheng threw the stone in front of Su Weian. The two had a big quarrel and finally chose to part ways. When Su Weian returned home, he locked himself in the bathroom. His mind was filled with Gu Yunzheng's questions, and his heart was pounding.

On the other hand, Gu Yunzheng got drunk in a bar, and Li Wantong took him back to the hotel after finding out. Gu Yunzheng woke up and saw Li Wandong lying next to him. Nothing happened to the two of them. However, Li Wandong pursued Gu Yunzheng and followed Gu Yunzheng back to the hospital. This scene was seen by the doctors and nurses.

Du Yuncheng and Su Wei'an found Dr. Lu fainted in the hotel room, and when they were sent to the hospital, they learned that he had cancer and had a short life expectancy. Regarding the patent matter, Du Yuncheng no longer pressed for it. Su Weian revealed to Du Yuncheng that the aneurysm was related to the test drug, and the experiment might have to be suspended. Du Yuncheng said that he wanted to see the feedback from Professor Wen and the supervisors.

While they were talking, Wen Ran came over and mocked Su Weian in a weird way, accusing her of stealing her signature and boyfriend. On the other side, Li Wantong came to see Gu Yunzheng again. Su Wei'an happened to see him and heard the word "that night", which caused her to misunderstand. As soon as Su Weian left, Gu Yunzheng shook off Li Wantong's entanglement and reminded her to return to her post during working hours. In fact, Li Wantong came to Gu Yunzheng to investigate possible options for interdisciplinary cooperation and asked him to add WeChat to discuss, but Gu Yunzheng only wanted to send an email.

Everyone accompanied their aunt Su Yuan to the hospital and found that there were many people in the stairwell. Du Yuncheng carried Su Yuan downstairs and mentioned the need to stop taking medicine. Su Yuan was very excited and accidentally pushed Su Weian to the ground, causing her to sprain her ankle. Du Yuncheng directly picked her up and walked out, but Gu Yuncheng watched again.

In order to improve her chorea, Su Yuan doubled her dosage of experimental drugs. Hospital director Wang Huanzhong asked Gu Yunzheng to invite Li Yuantong to dinner on behalf of the department, and Gu Yunzheng had to agree. At the same time, Gu Yunzheng took Su Weian to eat. Su Wei'an found that each dish was expensive and felt a little distressed. He happened to meet Gu Yunzheng and Li Wantong, and the situation was a bit embarrassing.


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