Su Weian couldn't stay any longer, so he made an excuse and left. He lay on the bed and comforted himself that it was over long ago and there was no need to feel sad for Gu Yunzheng anymore. Dr. Lu suddenly sent a message, informing Su Weian to come to the hospital tomorrow. Su Weian specially brought healthy food to the ward and found that Dr. Lu had already prepared the patent transfer document for only one yuan.

Through this period of contact, Dr. Lu believes that Su Weian is a good girl who will live up to her patent. At the same time, she proposed to solve the problem of incomplete brainstem fibers, so a lot of money and time will be invested in the follow-up. Su Weian assured Dr. Lu that Jiehui Company would do its best and would never let him down.

The Sino-French Diplomatic Exchange Meeting was held in Shenzhen. Gu Yunzheng went to the meeting on behalf of Huaren Hospital. Unexpectedly, Li Wantong arrived unexpectedly and mentioned to Gu Yunzheng his plan to create a perfect genetic offspring. Gu Yunzheng found it unbelievable and a bit ridiculous, and could not accept this kind of union without love. He thought what Li Wantong said was nonsense.

Elliott flew from France to China to attend a meeting and got to know Li Wantong. His excellent genes became Li Wantong's new candidate. After the meeting, Gu Yunzheng found out through Elliott the reason why Su Wei'an did not go to Paris last time. Thinking of Su Wei'an's abnormal words and deeds, he thoroughly confirmed that Su Wei'an suffered from Huntington's disease, and hurriedly booked a flight to return to Jinhai.

That night, Su Yuan's aneurysm ruptured for the second time, and her condition worsened again. Su Weian and her mother rushed Su Yuan to the hospital. After learning about it, the doctor on duty arranged for an immediate head scan and sent someone to notify He Xiaoguang to perform the surgery. Su Wei'an was suddenly stunned when she heard the name. She had doubts about He Xiaoguang's character and even his medical skills.

Because of this, Su Weian immediately thought of Gu Yunzheng and tried to call their number in Lakaya, but unexpectedly the call was answered. Su Weian cried and called Gu Yunzheng to explain the situation. He was worried that if He Xiaoguang performed the operation, his aunt Su Yuan would never come out again. Gu Yunzheng comforted Su Weian not to worry, rushed back to the hospital as quickly as possible, and successfully performed the operation on Su Yuan. Su Weian was deeply moved.

Gu Yunzheng angrily accused Su Weian of evading and being irresponsible to himself and his family. Su Weian fell into guilt and sadly complained about why God would bring bad luck to them. After listening to Su Weian's words, Gu Yunzheng lost a lot of his anger. He silently hugged Su Weian and gave her the greatest encouragement.

Because of his aunt's illness, Su Wei'an thought over and over again and finally rejected Du Yuncheng's job offer. By the way, he asked him to confirm whether the drug trial team had reported the relevant situation to the competent authorities and the ethics committee, so that the other party could decide whether the drug needed to be suspended. , and the experimental team needs to do some research to determine whether HDQ39 is related to aneurysms. Although Du Yuncheng agreed to Su Weian, he had other plans in mind.

Not long after, Gu Yunzheng received a text message from Li Wantong. She said that she had a new goal and would not continue to be entangled in the future. She also saw that his love put a lot of pressure on Su Wei'an, so she had to keep the relationship if she wanted to save it. Stop pressing her and show that you are disinterested in her, and maybe you can attract Su Wei'an's attention.

It was at Li Wantong's suggestion that Gu Yunzheng contacted Jiang Muying to prepare for a big drama. Jiang Muying racked her brains to trick Su Weian into signing a "black-hearted" contract with generous rewards, causing Su Weian to become the translator of Looking back at Yunzheng again. If Su Weian wanted to resolve the matter, he would have to pay sky-high liquidated damages.

As a result, Su Wei'an had to return to Huaren Hospital to work with Gu Yunzheng. Although she was only a temporary worker, she put on the coveted white coat and cherished this job opportunity. Gu Yunzheng pretended not to care about Su Wei'an on the surface, but in fact he had been paying attention to her secretly.


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