Su's mother noticed that something was not right with her daughter. Sure enough, she saw the epidemic prevention notice posted online and quickly called Du Yuncheng. Du Yuncheng contacted Su Wei'an immediately. Su Wei'an had to admit that something happened at Huaren Hospital and wanted to go over to help. Du Yuncheng agreed to help Su Wei'an hide Su's mother.

Because Huaren Hospital discovered that a patient was carrying Yersinia pestis bacteria, the building was closed for emergency management. Gu Yunzheng was trapped, his cell phone was left in the department, and he lost contact with the outside world. Su Weian and Fang Mingfan couldn't get in, so they could only wait outside. On the other hand, Du Yongsong was anxious when he learned that his son was trapped in the respiratory department. Du Yuncheng took the opportunity to declare that he would deploy the province's Jiehui warehouse to provide drugs if necessary.

Gu Yunzheng was finally relieved when he found out that Fang Mingfan's operation was successful. Although he was thinking about Su Wei'an, he still didn't have the courage to call her. Su Wei'an waited outside the hospital until dark. Du Yuncheng took Su Wei'an to have dinner. Su Wei'an found out that the burger restaurant could deliver takeout into the quarantine area. He was so anxious that he proposed to leave Gu Yuncheng's "call back" on the burger package. handwriting.

Du Yuncheng then accompanied Su Wei'an to the outside of the hospital. He received a text message from his assistant and learned that Su Yuan was making a fuss, so he had to rush back to the nursing home. Su Yuan's chorea was still getting worse and she still wanted to continue testing the drug. Du Yuncheng deliberately revealed that the HDQ39 project was about to be stopped. Unless she was willing to sign a liability exemption agreement, she would still be provided with experimental drugs. Su Yuan agreed to Du Yuncheng's conditions.

Gu Yunzheng heard the nurses talking about a girl looking for him and saw familiar handwriting on the packaging. He hurriedly borrowed the nurse's phone and called Su Wei'an. The two talked on the phone from a distance and looked at each other through the window. Su Wei'an cried with joy and suppressed his emotions. Gu Yunzheng was very happy that Su Wei'an cared about him and promised to protect him well and complete this battle.

At this time, the patient in the next bed was coughing and wheezing non-stop. In a panic, he knocked off Gu Yunzheng's protective glasses and sprayed a mouthful of blood on Gu Yunzheng's face. Su Wei'an heard the voice on the phone and realized that Gu Yunzheng had become the first medical staff member to be infected. Su Wei'an couldn't wait to enter the hospital. He learned that Gu Yunzheng was already on the close contact list and insisted on entering the hospital as a translator.

Because of Su Weian's persistence, Du Yuncheng had no choice but to agree, but he felt uncomfortable in his heart. He felt that no matter what he did, they only had Gu Yuncheng in their eyes. When Su Weian was resting, he heard that the 803 isolation ward had been disinfected and vacated. He felt something bad in his heart and hurried to the ward, where there was only a cold bed.

Gu Yunzheng once said that no one knows which one comes first, illness or accident, so Su Weian recalled everything she had experienced with him, and when the bed was empty, she suddenly collapsed emotionally, crying and confessing her love to Gu Yunzheng, regretting not confessing her feelings to Gu Yunzheng earlier. . As soon as the words fell, Gu Yunzheng walked out from behind the curtain. Su Wei'an was pleasantly surprised. Suddenly, a radio broadcast mentioned that the blockade had been lifted. The joy of rebirth after the disaster made her cherish their relationship especially and would never choose to be a deserter again. .

According to Announcement No. 20 issued by the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, in accordance with the principle of classification and batching, the closed and controlled management areas will be unblocked in an orderly manner today, and the Affiliated Hospital of Huaren Medical University will be unblocked from now on. Early in the morning, Su Weian specially wore a new skirt and beautiful makeup to go on a date with Gu Yunzheng.

After Gu Yunzheng had the operation, he took Su Wei'an to the cinema, claiming that he wanted to do something he had long wanted to do with his girlfriend, but in fact he wanted her to watch a horror movie with him. In the cinema, Gu Yuncheng pretended to be scared and took Su Weian into his arms. Afterwards, the two held hands to watch the night sky.


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