Gu Yunzheng previously asked the neurosurgery brothers from various hospitals to help keep an eye on the aneurysm patients they were treating to see if any of these patients had participated in the HDQ39 trial project. As a result, the brothers from the second hospital discovered that one of the patients named Tian Li had suddenly ruptured an aneurysm. , died after the rescue failed, and he was the experimental patient of HDQ39, exactly the same as Su Yuan's situation.

Because of this, Su Weian confirmed that his aunt was not an exception and told Du Yuncheng about it. However, Du Yuncheng never thought about terminating the HDQ39 project because he had already signed a gambling agreement with the capital. Once the negative news affects the company's valuation, he will completely lose the company's controlling rights. The top priority is to suppress the incident. Yang Wenbin We also guarantee that similar situations will not happen again.

Su Wei'an wanted to explain the situation to Professor Wen in person, but he always couldn't get in touch with Professor Wen. Gu Yunzheng gave Su Weian advice and asked her to find Professor Wen through registration. Sure enough, Su Weian successfully met Professor Wen, but before she could say a few words, Yang Wenbin suddenly appeared and called security to drive her out.

That night, Gu Yunzheng knew that his girlfriend was being bullied, so he developed a sample overnight and asked Su Weian to send it to the laboratory. In fact, he introduced her to Professor Wang Lijuan, who only had a college degree but became a "microbiological detective". Su Wei'an didn't understand Gu Yunzheng's good intentions until he met Professor Wang Lijuan and the great god in his heart, Academician Wu, and his love for medicine was instantly aroused.

Su Wei'an never thought that Wang Lijuan could make Academician Wu humbly ask for advice. He thought that she once said that only love can defy the uncertainty of the world. She finally understood why Gu Yunzheng told her that doctors who treat diseases and save lives do not necessarily have to use scalpels. Then Su Weian took out the graduation certificate and notepad she had put in the box. Su's mother saw that her daughter still had the dream of becoming a doctor, and made a little plan to make her decide.

The Annual Meeting of Neurology will be held next week to share the results of the Phase III clinical trial of the HDQ39 project. Gu Yunzheng has participated in similar research projects, so this time he was invited to participate as a cross-topic research, so he asked Su Weian to participate as a family member. In this way, he could be asked about the aneurysm in public, and Professor Wen could not avoid answering.

However, the hotel room was tight, and Gu Yunzheng and Su Wei'an could only stay in one room. The two got along ambiguously and sweetly. Gu Yunzheng still had work to do. During this period, Su Weian was observing Gu Yunzheng, and then he fell asleep. On the other hand, when Gu Yunzheng opened the information about Huntington's disease, he actually had fear in his heart, fear of whether he could overcome this difficulty, and fear of losing Su Wei'an.

Early the next morning, Su Wei'an woke up and found herself lying in Gu Yunzheng's arms. Listening to Gu Yunzheng's true confession, she was deeply moved. At the Annual Meeting of Neurology, Professor Wen Yuliang reported the research results of HDQ39 and did not mention any adverse events. When Su Weian saw her aunt's video, she couldn't bear it anymore and asked Professor Wen about three cases of aneurysm rupture in front of experts from all over the country.

Professor Wen said that these patients had already applied to withdraw from the trial on their own, so the rupture of the aneurysm had nothing to do with their trial drugs. He also showed the patients' voluntary withdrawal agreements. The signatures on them surprised Su Weian. Gu Yunzheng comforted Su Weian to sit down first, and he questioned Professor Wen on behalf of Huaren Hospital and told the facts about the aneurysm patient. Professor Wen had to bite the bullet and stated that he would arrange a team to investigate this, and he would also follow up In the follow-up, we will announce the results as soon as possible and give everyone a satisfactory answer. After saying these words, Professor Wen announced the end of the lecture sharing and would not answer anyone's questions.


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