After the conference, Wen Ran angrily accused Su Weian of being an undergraduate who dropped out of school and had no right to question Professor Wen. While Gu Yunzheng was arguing for Su Wei'an and Wen Ran, Professor Wen had already walked out with Yang Wenbin and was willing to give them another chance to ask questions.

Gu Yunzheng said that no matter what the reason for the patients to voluntarily withdraw from the agreement, at least there is enough evidence to prove that the patients suffered a sudden brain aneurysm rupture while participating in the drug trial, and the drug trial has clear regulations, whether it is Adverse events that are not caused by drugs must be reported as soon as possible if they occur during drug trials.

Professor Wen did not agree with the views of Gu Yunzheng and Su Wei'an, and even felt that Su Wei'an's academic qualifications did not qualify her to question the scientific research results of a top team. Unless she could obtain scientific evidence, she would immediately stop the experiment and publicly apologize. Back in the office, Professor Wen questioned Yang Wenbin, but Yang Wenbin made excuses and promised that a similar situation would never happen again.

Because of Professor Wen's words, Su Weian thought twice and decided to work as a research assistant in the group. Gu Yunzheng reminded her to think carefully. She must not be hasty and impulsive in medical positions, let alone come and leave at will. With Gu Yunzheng's encouragement, Su Weian cheered up and returned to the laboratory to prove it to everyone.

The doctors in the hospital were all talking about the recruitment notice of Professor Gu's group, which attracted Wen Ran's attention and speculated that Su Wei'an would definitely participate in the application. Sure enough, Wen Ran met Su Weian in the library and repeatedly mocked and belittled her, and even threatened to compete with her for this position.

Gu Yunzheng asked Su Weian how she was preparing her resume. Su Weian was full of confidence and Gu Yunzheng was very reassured by her condition. Du Yuncheng learned about Su Weian's preparation for the exam through the bar owner, so he prepared a laboratory for Su Weian, invited her to be the person in charge of the laboratory, and promised to equip her with the top equipment and researchers. Su Wei'an understood what Du Yuncheng meant, politely declined his kindness, and bluntly stated that he and Gu Yuncheng had already established a relationship.

On the other side, in order to help Su Weian prepare for the exam, Gu Yunzheng specially turned his home into a coffee library with 24-hour attentive service, and was willing to provide one-on-one tutoring services. In this way, Su Wei'an moved into Gu Yunzheng's house naturally, and the two officially started living together. Jiang Muying was envious of the progress of their relationship, and hinted that Fang Mingfan would let her move into a rental house, but Fang Mingfan was so stubborn that she couldn't help but lose her temper and complain.

In the days that followed, Su Weian made great progress with the help of Gu Yunzheng. Wen Ran and Su Wei'an participated in the interview successively, but Su Wei'an's frankness and confidence made the professors present very satisfied and asked her to participate in the next round of re-examination. Gu Yunzheng waited outside the entire process, confirming the good news that Su Wei'an passed the interview, comforting her to seize the opportunity for the re-examination, and also revealed to her the temper of the examiner, Teacher Wang Huanzhong.

Soon the practical part came, and Su Wei'an behaved very naturally and skillfully. On the other hand, Wen Ran looked at Su Wei'an from time to time, and Wang Huanzhong noticed the state of both of them. After the experiment, Su Weian turned on the ultraviolet lamp. Wang Huanzhong turned back and glanced at Su Weian, which frightened Su Weian into thinking that he had done something wrong.

Gu Yunzheng knew what Su Wei'an was doing and smiled to reassure Su Wei'an not to worry. Wang Huanzhong's actions showed that he agreed with Su Wei'an's behavior and celebrated her successfully passing the reexamination. Su Wei'an wrote his and Gu Yunzheng's names on the library card, and getting along with Gu Yunzheng became even sweeter and more romantic. On the other hand, Wen Ran saw the name on the library card, secretly followed Su Wei'an, took photos of her dating Gu Yunzheng, and found an opportunity to visit Mrs. Du.


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