Professor Wen discovered that three patients with adverse reactions were taking the HDQ39 experimental drug, so he called Yang Wenbin in for questioning. Yang Wenbin said that he had taken care of these matters and would not affect the launch of the HDQ39 project. Professor Wen originally wanted to report the matter, but was blocked by Yang Wenbin. He did not want all these years of hard work to go to waste, and revealed that Wen Ran had become an employee of Jiehui Company.

Considering that his daughter was very likely to be implicated, Professor Wen was distraught. When he returned home, he angrily accused Wen Ran of academic plagiarism, and was even used by Du Yuncheng to order her to cut off contact with him. But Wen Ran didn't understand Professor Wen's thoughts at all, and thought he was a little unreasonable. The father and daughter quarreled over this.

In the days that followed, Gu Yunzheng and Su Weian went to and from get off work together to study the loopholes in the HDQ39 project. They were work partners during the day and close lovers after get off work. Since the experimental results of the first batch of experimental mice were all negative, Gu Yunzheng considered changing the variables. Reminiscing that Su Yuan had high blood pressure, he believed that high blood pressure would be the key to the high probability.

He Xiaoguang also tried to persuade Su Weian to give up the experiment and stop going against Jiehui Company, but he was ridiculed by Su Weian. Su Wei'an was anxious that the progress of the test was too slow, and he was worried that he would lose the bet if the results were not produced after a month. Gu Yunzheng comforted Su Wei'an to keep a good attitude and have confidence in each other.

All the cells Su Weian cultured were contaminated, and he couldn't find the cause no matter how hard he searched, so he had to clean the laboratory over and over again. Watching the time passing by without any progress in the experiment, Su Weian spent all his time in the laboratory forgetting food and sleep. It happened that Gu Yunzheng had a fever at this time.

After receiving the call, Su Weian hurried home to take care of him. Since there was no medicine at home, he could only take frozen fish from the refrigerator to reduce Gu Yunzheng's fever. The next morning, Su Wei'an woke up and was annoyed that he had forgotten the alarm clock. He hurried back to the laboratory and finally found the source of the pollution in an inconspicuous place, allowing the experiment to proceed smoothly.

That night, Su Weian was locked in the experimental room. Gu Yunzheng couldn't contact him, so he arrived in time to open the door. With the help of Gu Yunzheng, Su Wei'an discovered that there was a problem with the experimental data of the second batch of hypertensive experimental mice, which confirmed their conjecture that aneurysm rupture was indeed strongly related to HDQ39.

He Xiaoguang was anonymously reported, and the hospital issued a red-letter document asking him to be fired. The reason was that He Xiaoguang had accepted kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies over the years, frequently charged hundreds of thousands in high treatment fees to patients who had no indication for surgery, and other negative incidents. As a result, He Xiaoguang came to Gu Yunzheng angrily to settle the score. Gu Yunzheng took out the test report and asked him to apologize to Su Weian, but He Xiaoguang refused.

Su Wei'an knew that Gu Yunzheng had done a lot for him and also concealed a lot of things. He made a promise to be honest from now on and never do anything similar to Ah Sheng again. Then Su Wei'an and Gu Yunzheng came to everyone hand in hand and publicly announced their relationship. The members of the department were very happy.

Gu Yunzheng was eager to meet his parents and wanted to visit Su's mother. At first, Su's mother was worried about Gu Yunzheng's character and complained that her daughter had fallen in love without saying a word and was living with someone else. After hearing what Su's mother said, Gu Yunzheng took the initiative to introduce himself, saying that he really liked Su Weian and would not do anything to feel sorry for Su Weian.

At the dinner table, Su's mother asked Gu Yunzheng about his plans for the two of them, and Gu Yunzheng was willing to see Su Wei'an's thoughts. In fact, Su Weian had never considered getting married. In order to show his sincerity, Gu Yunzheng brought a bowl of cooked tomato omelette noodles from the kitchen. This bowl of noodles was what Su's father was good at during his lifetime, but he was willing to continue this taste. , always protect Su Weian.

Seeing Gu Yunzheng's sincerity, Su's mother agreed that her daughter would live with Gu Yunzheng, and the two returned to their residence hand in hand. The next morning, Su Wei'an and Su's mother accompanied their aunt for sports physiotherapy. Su Wei'an accidentally learned that Du Yuncheng introduced this nursing home to Su's mother, and that Su Yuan's signing of the withdrawal agreement was related to Du Yuncheng.


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