Du Yongsong couldn't convince Gu Yunzheng, so he went to Su's mother in person and directly explained the purpose of his visit. He revealed that Su Wei'an carried the gene that causes Huntington's disease and firmly opposed his son's relationship with Su Wei'an. When Su's mother heard this, she was shocked and angry at what Du Yongsong said. She kicked him out and shed tears.

When Su Wei'an returned home and heard her mother mention what happened today, she finally found out about the relationship between Du Yongsong and Gu Yunzheng, and then asked Gu Yunzheng for questioning. When facing Su Wei'an's accusation, Gu Yunzheng had to reveal all the complicated family affairs, because his father cheated on him during the marriage, which led to Gu Xingchen's accidental death. Su Weian, who knew the truth, felt a little guilty and felt even more sorry for what happened to Gu Yunzheng.

That night, Su's mother drank alone in front of her husband's portrait to drown her sorrows. She carefully recalled Su Weian's various anomalies in the past years, and now she finally knows the reason. Her husband had been diagnosed with Huntington's disease before, but Su's mother would try her best to maintain an optimistic attitude and never show her sadness in front of her husband. She thought that God's mercy would bring a miracle, but the successive blows made her unable to bear it. Su Weian stood in the corner and watched her mother cry, feeling equally uncomfortable. Su's mother hugged her daughter and said she would accompany her through the difficulties.

Gu Yunzheng went home and asked Du Yongsong what right he had to interfere with his feelings and what right he had to dictate to others. A fierce quarrel broke out between the father and son. Du Yongsong always felt that he had no problem until Gu Yunzheng took out the group photo and was instantly stunned.

It turns out that when Gu Xingchen supported the construction of the bridge in Lakaya, Du Yongsong cheated on Du Yuncheng's mother behind Gu Xingchen's back, and even gave birth to an illegitimate son, Du Yuncheng. Later, when Gu Xingchen saw this group photo, he couldn't believe that his beloved husband had an affair and had an illegitimate child before Gu Yunzheng was born.

It was precisely because of this photo that Gu Xingchen fell into a trance and had an accident at the construction site. Du Yongsong was shocked that Gu Xingchen would have these photos, feeling regretful and heartbroken. Gu Yunzheng denounced Du Yongsong's chaotic private life for ruining his mother's life and causing his childhood to be deceived and hurt, which he would never be able to make up for and settle in his lifetime.

Gu Xingchen's death was a big blow to Gu Yunzheng. Du Yongsong also knew the truth and was ashamed to face his son. He really couldn't figure out why this photo was in Gu Xingchen's hands. Du Yongsong then confronted his current wife Cui Jie, and sure enough, Cui Jie admitted that she wanted her mistress to take over and sent the photo to Gu Xingchen without telling him. Cui Jie not only did not realize her mistake, but instead accused Du Yongsong of being too cruel to their mother and daughter to make such a decision. Her words made Du Yongsong angry and disappointed.

Although Su's mother knew that Gu Yunzheng was a good boy, she couldn't stand Gu Yunzheng's family and was worried that it would cause secondary harm to her daughter. In order to make Su's mother feel at ease about him, Gu Yunzheng followed her persistently every day, showing all kinds of attentiveness to gain her favor. However, Su's mother was firmly opposed to the two of them being together, and the reason was Gu Yunzheng's father.

Gu Yunzheng's successive failures in front of Su's mother did not affect his relationship with Su Wei'an, and the two became even more inseparable. Aunt Su Yuan's condition has never been relieved, and her temper is getting worse and worse. Even the mother and daughter of the Su family don't want to see her. Gu Yunzheng thought of a way and arranged an open-air violin concert for Su Yuan on the pretext of going downstairs to relax. Su Yuan had mixed feelings when she thought of her glorious past of playing the violin under the spotlight.

These girls who played the violin were all Su Yuan's students. The reunion between master and apprentice gradually made Su Yuan feel much better. This time, Gu Yunzheng successfully gained the favor of Mother Su, and he was one step closer to gaining her approval. Due to tight scientific research funding, Su Weian was very frugal during the experiment. Gu Yunzheng saw the news posted online and decided to apply for the Micro-Light Scientific Research Fund.


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