Gu Yunzheng saw that Sa Kun seemed to be in a bad mood, so he made a leather glove balloon to cheer him up. Unexpectedly, Sa Kun actually called Gu Yunzheng's father, which surprised him. Seeing this, Su Weian came over and explained that Sakun had not been loved since he was a child, so he would call mom and dad when he saw people who were kind to him, but he was somewhat resistant to examinations and did not like injections and medicine.

Faced with this situation, Gu Yunzheng promised that if Sa Kun cooperated with the treatment, he would accompany him to go out and play after he recovered. It was with the comfort of Gu Yunzheng and Su Weian that Sa Kun was willing to cooperate with the examination and was very obedient and well-behaved. In order to fulfill his promise, Gu Yunzheng took an unprecedented day off and took Su Weian and Sa Kun out to play. In everyone's eyes, they looked like a happy family.

At this time, a motorcycle rushed over from a distance. Su Weian was almost hit while protecting Sa Kun. Fortunately, Gu Yunzheng protected Su Weian from harm in time. This scene made Su Weian's heart beat, and he recalled the warm memory of when he missed the exam to save others, thanks to Gu Yunzheng appearing to testify for him. It was from this moment that Su Wei'an silently fell in love with Gu Yunzheng, and finally buried his feelings deep in his heart.

On the way back, Sakun accidentally broke his arm and the blood flowed instantly. Su Wei'an knew that Sa Kun's coagulation function was extremely poor and needed to be sutured immediately. However, there happened to be a sudden power outage in the hospital. Su Wei'an held up a flashlight and helped Gu Yunzheng complete the suturing operation. Su Weian almost fell due to hypoglycemia, and Gu Yunzheng hurriedly supported her. The close distance made the atmosphere a bit ambiguous.

That night, Gu Yunzheng and Su Wei'an had supper together in the dormitory. Su Wei'an was slightly moved when he saw that Gu Yunzheng could cook noodles and added two poached eggs to the noodles. He couldn't help but think of his father. When Gu Yunzheng heard Su Wei'an's story, he thought she dropped out of school because of her father. However, Su Wei'an denied it and emphasized that she wanted to make money.

But Gu Yunzheng didn't believe it at all. After all, she was willing to be treated as a murderer in order to treat patients, and she also paid for AIDS treatment for unrelated children. Su Weian did not give any explanation. During this period, Jiang Muying and Fang Mingfan broke in, forcing her to hide under the table to prevent them from misunderstanding.

Fang Mingfan saw Gu Yunzheng's nervousness. After several tests, he confirmed that Su Weian was under the table, so he saw through it without telling him. Gu Yunzheng reacted quickly and found an excuse to send the two of them away. As a result, Su Wei'an left the notebook behind when he returned. When Gu Yunzheng saw the contents in the book, he found that Su Weian was a very calculating person and would remember every account clearly.

That night, Gu Yunzheng couldn't sleep, his mind was filled with thoughts of Su Wei'an, and at the same time, he couldn't understand him more and more. On the other hand, Jiang Muying analyzed Gu Yunzheng for Su Weian, but Su Weian didn't understand the style at all, which broke the romantic fantasy created by Jiang Muying.

Gu Yuncheng's half-brother Du Yuncheng did not study medicine, but ran a pharmaceutical company, thinking about how to make money from patients. After get off work, Du Yuncheng brought the financial statements back to his grandfather, but his grandfather was not interested at all. He was only concerned about Gu Yuncheng's situation abroad.

Because the old man had always opposed letting Du Yuncheng's mother enter the old house, he naturally didn't like Du Yuncheng. In addition, his father had complained over the years that he did not study medicine and always talked about Gu Yuncheng, which made him jealous of Gu Yuncheng. In fact, Du Yuncheng liked a girl during college, and that girl was Su Wei'an. However, he carefully prepared to confess to Su Wei'an, but was rejected by the other party.


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