Gu Yunzheng entrusted an agent to sell the house and proposed to take away the wall where he and his mother had painted. Because He Xiaoguang's R&D team had not made any progress, Du Yun became unscrupulous in taking shortcuts and asked He Xiaoguang to use banned genetic technology to imitate foreign banned drugs. He Xiaoguang knew that this was a serious crime, and eventually broke up with Du Yuncheng.

Later, he told Wen Ran about this matter, saying that Du Yuncheng was completely crazy and that he was willing to break the law in order to win Gu Yuncheng. Wen Ran was dubious about this, but after some testing, she still chose to believe Du Yuncheng. However, it is impossible for Du Yuncheng to look back. Now he only wants to be benevolent if he doesn't succeed.

Du Yuncheng was angry about the slow progress of the research. His assistant said that it was not easy to persuade patients to participate in clinical trials. Moreover, Huntington's disease is a rare disease. The first batch of patients who signed up had negative effects on their bodies and no longer dared to take risks. But even so, Du Yuncheng still insisted on asking his assistant to find another group of people to conduct experiments.

Not long after, Xiaojing, a nurse at the nursing home, called Du Yuncheng and revealed that Su Yuan wanted to go to Switzerland for euthanasia injection. The nursing home had no choice but to tie up Su Yuan. Su Yuan asked Xiaojing to contact Du Yuncheng, believing that he could help her. Du Yuncheng unknowingly gave Su Yuan a special drug for Huntington's disease.

When Su's mother saw her daughter worrying about money, she took out the savings she had accumulated over the years, which moved Su Weian very much. Mr. Du found out that Gu Yunzheng was going to sell his mother's house. After learning more about it, he found out that their team's research encountered financial difficulties, so he sold the old house and became the grandfather of Gu Yunzheng and Su Wei'an, and naturally moved into Gu Yunzheng's house.

Grandpa Du not only alleviated the urgent need for funds, but also made breakfast soup for Gu Yunzheng and Su Weian. However, the workmanship was not good and it didn't look very delicious. Although it was difficult to get into the mouth, Gu Yunzheng and Su Weian still pretended to be calm and praised them without hesitation. Because of this, Grandpa Du seemed to be inspired and started cooking with more energy. As a result, Su Wei'an had a nosebleed after taking various supplements.

In fact, grandpa also has good intentions, and is worried that if he leaves early, he may not be able to have a grandson. That night, Su Weian received a call and learned that her aunt was in trouble. Aunt Su Yuan's condition deteriorated rapidly and she was sent to Ren'an Hospital. Gu Yunzheng immediately prepared for surgery, but before the next step, Su Yuan had lost her heartbeat and died after the rescue failed. .

Su Wei'an was distraught and accompanied by Gu Yunzheng to the nursing home. Gu Yunzheng checked the cabinet and found a bag of pills inside. He heard that Du Yuncheng had recently visited Su Yuan. Su Wei'an angrily ran to question Du Yuncheng, but Du Yuncheng refused to admit it, which disappointed her extremely. Du Yuncheng asked his assistant to block the news so that no one else could know about it.

The family came to pack Su Yuan's belongings. Su Wei'an suddenly broke things out of control. To avoid worrying her mother, she lied that she had not had a good rest. But Su Weian knew clearly that it was a sign of illness, and Gu Yunzheng also had a vague answer, but he didn't show it.

Su Wei'an posted the fatal incident on the Internet about the Huntington's disease drug developed by Jiehui Company, which instantly caused an uproar. Reporters surrounded Du Yuncheng to seek the truth, which indirectly made it difficult to find clinical trial subjects for Gu Yuncheng's research. Seeing Su Wei'an immersed in the sadness of her aunt's death, Gu Yunzheng specially took her to eat Guoqi wontons.

However, in the process, Su Wei'an's hand slipped out of Chaos, and Gu Yunzheng saw it and had an ominous premonition. The two of them tacitly agreed not to mention that no matter what the future outcome was, at least they cherished the present. Gu Yunzheng took Fang Mingfan to visit the homes of patients suffering from chorea, but unfortunately they were all turned away.


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