Wen Ran eavesdropped on the conversation and was caught by Du Yuncheng. She fell into deep fear, but she pretended to be calm and asked Du Yuncheng to take her away, relying on her superb acting skills to get through in front of him. Although Wen Ran returned home and asked Professor Wen for help, she thought that Du Yuncheng's existing research was an upgraded and improved version of HDQ39, but unexpectedly it turned out to be a copycat of foreign banned drugs, which even caused deaths.

Now that Du Yuncheng has gone crazy, Wen Ran is at a loss and has to go to Su Wei'an, hoping that Su Wei'an can persuade Du Yuncheng to stop. Although he loves vanity, he has never thought of doing anything harmful to nature. Because Du Yuncheng wanted to sell the laboratory serum to foreign laboratories, which would be tantamount to leaking Chinese genetic information and seriously endangering national security. Su Wei'an thought that he could not alert the snake, so he gave Wen Ran an idea.

On the day of the transaction, Wen Ran followed Du Yuncheng to a remote warehouse for trading. Gu Yunzheng and Su Wei'an cooperated with the police to arrest Du Yuncheng. But Du Yuncheng had no regrets at all. He kept saying that he would do anything for Su Weian, and even accused Gu Yuncheng of stealing his family and destroying his happiness.

Gu Yunzheng directly exposed Cui Jie's identity as the mistress, saying that he was the truly unblessed child. Du Yuncheng thought about how his mother had always ordered him to be humble in everything when he was a child, and he did not dare to speak out when he was wronged. He suddenly realized this, and then became frustrated and went to jail. He was eventually sentenced to fifteen years in prison.

Cui Jie came to the prison to visit her son, but Du Yuncheng mercilessly accused his mother of doing nothing more than using herself as a bargaining chip to gain power, and he was just her tool. Du Yuncheng was completely disappointed with Cui Jie, and Cui Jie also fell into deep self-blame and pain. She packed her luggage and said goodbye to Du Yongsong, saying that she did not want to kill Gu Xingchen. She did not have any thoughts now. From today on will leave this home.

On the other hand, Gu Yunzheng and Su Weian were preparing for the wedding and distributed invitations to everyone in the hospital, but Du Yongsong was not included, which made him feel particularly disappointed. Du Yongsong knew that what he had done had really hurt Gu Yunzheng, and he still hoped that the father and son could settle their differences. However, Gu Yunzheng had a very cold attitude towards Du Yongsong, and at least he could not forgive his behavior yet.

On the eve of the wedding, Su Wei'an was inexplicably nervous. Gu Yunzheng comforted her that as long as she was willing to marry him, these would be good memories for the future. Soon the two held a grand wedding, holding hands and dancing in front of their relatives and friends. Everyone was moved to tears by their love.

Gu Yunzheng confessed his love to Su Weian and exchanged rings with each other. When it came time to hold the flowers, Su Weian personally gave the flowers to her mother, and then handed her mother's hand to Uncle Zhao, telling them to be happy and continue their own happiness. Du Yongsong came uninvited, but just watched from a distance without disturbing him. The excitement of this wedding had nothing to do with him, and he took a pack of wedding candies alone and lonely.

A few years later, the drugs developed by Gu Yunzheng and Su Weian also received certain recognition, and students were talking about Su Weian as a very great person. Gu Yunzheng announced the research results of specific drugs for Huntington's disease at the report meeting. He thanked all patients and their families who sacrificed their lives to overcome the incurable disease, especially his wife Su Weian.

With thunderous applause, the door slowly opened, and Gu Yunzheng seemed to see Su Wei'an wearing a long dress, which would always be the most beautiful look in his memory. On a beach, Gu Yunzheng and his son were playing around. By the way, they mentioned the meaning of the name "Gu Yusu", which means that father and mother will always be together.


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