Early in the morning, soldiers from the General's Mansion showed up at the Friendship Hospital. Su Wei'an thought they were looking for him, but it turned out that they were looking for Gu Yunzheng. Because he was worried about Gu Yunzheng's safety, Su Weian begged General Kuyate not to hurt him. However, General Kuyate came here for a check-up and insisted that he was sick. He threatened Gu Yunzheng with Su Weian's life and performed a craniotomy on him. To find out the "enemy" in his body, Gu Yunzheng had no choice but to agree.

After General Kouyate left, Su Wei'an anxiously reminded Gu Yunzheng that he should not agree so quickly. After all, all the instruments had not found any problems. If he did not find the disease after the craniotomy, it would be judged as a major medical accident. Meaning he could never be a doctor.

Suddenly a Frenchman walked in outside the door. This man was General Kouyate's chief physician Elliot. The other party accused Gu Yunzheng of performing a fake operation on the general in order to gain fame and reputation. The two were tit for tat. Although Su Weian could not understand Gu Yunzheng, he still tried his best to defend it. However, Elliot said that Gu Yunzheng was determined to have this operation and he would invite experts from the Lakaya Health Committee to supervise the entire process.

Jiang Muying looked at Elliot's leaving figure and couldn't help but look like a nymphomaniac, feeling that this man was so handsome. But when Jiang Muying heard that Gu Yunzheng was going to perform an operation on General Kuyate, which was extremely dangerous, she couldn't help but feel worried. Later, Fang Mingfan and Jiang Muying searched for documents to help Gu Yunzheng solve the problem. Although Jiang Muying could not understand the contents of the documents, she still agreed to stay and help him classify them.

When his father Du Yongsong learned about this, he immediately called Gu Yunzheng and asked him why he agreed to the operation. He also sent a letter to the Friendship Hospital asking the hospital to communicate with the patient to cancel the operation. However, Gu Yunzheng refused and warned him. Not worthy of mentioning my mother. Du Yongsong retorted that it was his ex-wife who abandoned their father and son, but in Gu Yunzheng's view, it was Du Yongsong who took the initiative to abandon his ex-wife.

In college, Su Wei'an fell in love with Gu Yunzheng at first sight and secretly vowed to become an outstanding person like him. Now Su Weian couldn't bear the destruction of such an outstanding person, so he went to the General's Mansion alone with two boxes of Maotai liquor to apologize, hoping that he would let Gu Yunzheng go and stop insisting on having surgery.

General Kuyate poured a glass of wine, and Su Weian drank it without hesitation. In the end, he and the general became so drunk that they even went crazy in the general's mansion and were expelled. Upon seeing this, Elliot hurriedly stepped forward to protect him, and promptly called Gu Yunzheng and asked him to pick up Su Wei'an in person.

Gu Yunzheng sent Su Weian back to the dormitory, taking care of her angrily and helplessly, and unconsciously fell into the bud of emotion. Early the next morning, Jiang Muying woke up and saw Fang Mingfan lying beside the table. She couldn't help but sigh that his facial features were too ordinary, and then she closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. Fang Mingfan looked at Jiang Muying's makeup and brought a tissue to wipe her, but was scolded by her.

After waking up, Su Wei'an was still worried about Gu Yunzheng, but Gu Yunzheng was already eighty or ninety percent sure. From his observation of General Kouyate's words and deeds, he judged that the lesion was in the brain stem. Sure enough, after more detailed and comprehensive examination, it was confirmed that General Kouyate had abnormal signals in his brain stem.

On the day of the operation, Elliott brought members of the local health committee to the operating room to supervise him, along with General Kouyate's guards. During this period, Elliott and others questioned Gu Yunzheng's medical skills, especially when they saw the abnormality in the blood pressure instrument. The guard became emotional and pointed a gun at Gu Yunzheng to ask him to stop the operation.

Su Wei'an stood in front of the gun without hesitation and told them not to disturb Gu Yunzheng's operation. Soon Gu Yunzheng completed the operation and the process was very successful and smooth. Because of this, Elliot apologized to Gu Yunzheng for all his previous actions, and Su Wei'an finally breathed a sigh of relief. Gu Yunzheng reminded Su Weian not to be so impulsive in the future and not to risk his own life.


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