Although the craniotomy was very successful, General Kouyate's examination results showed that the tumor was very malignant. Even if all the diseased tissue was removed, it would be difficult to curb the recurrence rate of the malignant tumor, so his remaining time would not exceed two years at most. General Kouyate was not sad when he heard the bad news. As he said before, he was never afraid of death. He was afraid that he would not know the enemy before he died. Therefore, he preferred to enjoy life in the limited time and invited everyone to come to the general's mansion to celebrate the New Year. Party.

Su Weian and Jiang Muying dressed up carefully and amazed Gu Yunzheng and Fang Mingfan at the same time. Unfortunately, Gu Yunzheng was not good at compliments. Elliot personally drove Su Weian to the General's Mansion. Because Elliot's mentor was Dr. Marta, a French expert, and the first person to study Huntington's disease twenty years ago, she urgently needed to pass the test through Elliot. When Te met Dr. Marta, he agreed to become Elliot's dance partner.

However, when Gu Yunzheng saw the intimate behavior between Su Wei'an and Elliot, he couldn't help but become jealous, and even he was a little surprised. Jiang Muying deduced based on the zodiac signs that she would meet her true love tonight, but after waiting and waiting, only Fang Mingfan showed up. She was a little shocked and disappointed, but Fang Mingfan was very happy.

Nearing midnight, General Kouyate attended the ceremony dressed up and told about his condition on the spot. He hoped to hold a happy funeral for himself while he was still alive. At the same time, he thanked Dr. Gu Yunzheng for helping him find the enemy of his body. There is no regret. As soon as he finished speaking, fireworks bloomed all over the sky. According to local custom, you have to kiss the people around you to receive blessings. Gu Yunzheng saw Elliot coming over and kissed Su Weian affectionately. In order to avoid the passionate Elliot, Jiang Muying took the initiative to kiss Fang Mingfan.

The pharmaceutical company's capital chain was tight, so Du Yun became an investor and participated in various dinner parties and drinking with customers, which caused a stomachache. Wen Ran cared deeply about Du Yuncheng and wanted to go to his home to take care of him, but Du Yuncheng politely refused. Back then, Su Wei'an, Wen Ran and Du Yuncheng were all classmates in college. Later, it was reported in the school that Su Wei'an was fighting for a signature to report on his best friend Wen Ran, and was eventually forced to drop out of school.

Du Yuncheng secretly investigated the reason why Su Weian dropped out of school and found out that it was related to Huntington's disease. After graduation, he represented Jiehui Pharmaceutical to find Wen Ran's father and talk to him about restarting the development of the new chorea drug HDQ39. He believed that if the development was successful, , Su Weian can come back from France.

Because there was no Su Weian around as a translator, Gu Yunzheng had difficulty communicating with the patients, and he finally realized her importance. Elliot came to the hospital and invited Su Weian to breakfast and coffee. He also offered to take her to Paris and promised that she could become a member of Dr. Marta's chorea project team.

Su Wei'an then applied for resignation to Gu Yunzheng. At first, Gu Yunzheng misunderstood that she was leaving because of the kiss on New Year's Eve. He hurriedly explained that he was complying with local customs and hoped that she would not misunderstand. It was precisely because of these words that Su Weian's hesitant heart immediately became firm.

That night Su Wei'an returned to the dormitory to pack her luggage and lied that she was going to elope with Elliot. But Jiang Muying had already noticed that Su Weian had a hidden reason for dropping out of school, and because she refused to confess to her, she stormed out of the door angrily. Gu Yunzheng wanted to coax Su Weian well, so he made her a breakfast, but when he saw Su Weian praising himself in private, he felt a little happy.

Just when Gu Yunzheng was about to give breakfast to Su Weian, he didn't expect that Su Weian took out his resignation letter first, which made him feel up and down. He even misunderstood that Su Weian left because of Elliot. Gu Yunzheng reminded Su Weian that according to the contract, he needed to apply for resignation one week in advance. He could not resign one week from the date of application. During this period, he had to work normally. If he was absent from work, his salary would be deducted.


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