Elliot admired and admired Su Weian, so he successfully approached Su Weian using Dr. Marta's Huntington's disease experiment as the topic, and invited her to Paris to become a member of the project team. Gu Yunzheng was annoyed that he had spoken to the "straight man" about the "New Year's kiss", so he tried every means to make amends and took the initiative to show his favor to Su Wei'an. However, Su Wei'an insisted on resigning, causing him to misunderstand that he left the hospital for Elliot.

Jiang Muying mobilized everyone to keep Su Weian and even asked Sa Kun to pretend that his condition was getting worse. However, Su Weian saw through these tricks and decided to leave. Su Wei'an frantically evaded her affection for Gu Yunzheng, saying that she had to go to Paris. This made Gu Yunzheng heartbroken, so he could only respond to her choice pretending to be calm and not make any efforts to stay.

Because of Su Wei'an's persistence and determination, Gu Yunzheng thought of his mother. This was the second time he was abandoned after giving his love and hope, and he felt very sad about it. Grandpa called to care about Gu Yunzheng. Listening to his words, he guessed that he was in love in Lakaya and seemed to be trapped in love.

Then Gu Yunzheng assigned Su Wei'an a lot of translation tasks and ordered her to complete them before leaving. Su Wei'an gritted her teeth and took it, spending several nights to complete it. Jiang Muying and Fang Mingfan deliberately created a space for the two of them to be alone, pulled down the electric switch and locked the door. Gu Yunzheng mustered up the courage to confess to Su Wei'an, but Su Wei'an decisively rejected him and lied that he liked Elliot.

The matchmaking failed this time, and because Su Weian hid it from her, Jiang Muying stayed alone in the dormitory and sulked, ignoring Su Weian. The next day, after Gu Yunzheng performed the operation on the patient, he learned that Su Wei'an was taking a flight this afternoon. He hesitated for a long time, still unsure whether to find her, until Jiang Muying took out a recording pen.

It turned out that Su Weian left a smart voice recorder for Gu Yunzheng before leaving. It was full of French medical vocabulary, which reflected her intentions. Jiang Muying revealed to Gu Yunzheng that when Su Weian was in college, he often wrote Gu Yunzheng's name in his textbooks, determined to become someone like him. Gu Yunzheng was very surprised after hearing this, and decided to ride Su Weian's lost motorcycle to the airport to recover Su Weian.

On the way to the airport, Elliot looked embarrassed and persuaded Su Wei'an to join another research and development team. But when Elliot learned that Su Weian carried the gene that causes Huntington's disease, he could no longer bear to deceive her, so he had to confess that Dr. Marta's experiment had been terminated due to failure. Su Wei'an suddenly realized that he thought he had hope, but it seemed that this was the real script, and he instantly fell into great despair.

When Gu Yunzheng hurried to the airport, he found Su Wei'an alone in the corner, looking lost and lost, which surprised and distressed him. After returning to the hospital, Gu Yunzheng said that if she really wanted to go to France, there would be many opportunities in the future and she could still make money here. She would help with anything she wanted to do.

At this time, two suspicious men left the hospital holding the baby. The baby's mother cried and accused the two men of being human traffickers. Gu Yunzheng and Su Wei'an chased them on motorcycles, but were surrounded and threatened. Su Wei'an wanted to pay for the child, but it was not enough for 10,000 US dollars. The other party gradually lost patience and stabbed Gu Yunzheng with a knife. Su Wei'an subconsciously stood in front of him. The knife in his abdomen was bleeding. Before he fell unconscious, he muttered that his bag was still in the car and he could finally use it to save his life.

Fortunately, he was sent to the hospital in time. After Dr. Xu's surgery, Su Weian was over the critical period. Gu Yunzheng was waiting anxiously outside the operating room. Suddenly he thought of what she said. He looked through his backpack and found a stack of accident insurance. He had a vague answer in his heart, that is, Su Weian was most likely to have a physical problem. In order to verify this answer, Gu Yunzheng decided to conduct a full-body examination on Su Weian.


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