Gu Yunzheng accompanied Su Weian to buy a mobile phone, and was misunderstood by the clerk as a couple, but he nodded decisively to acknowledge the relationship. After leaving the mobile phone store, Gu Yunzheng set his number as Su Wei'an's emergency contact, and made a special note of "handsome guy". This change from his previous serious image made Su Wei'an feel strange and couldn't help but laugh.

On the way back, Gu Yunzheng and Su Weian found the human trafficker beaten to death on the street, and chose to treat him out of a doctor's responsibility. Gu Yunzheng asked Su Weian to wait for him, then pushed the other person in a wheelchair to a friendly hospital, and asked Fang Mingfan to call the police. Su Weian contacted Dr. Xu in time to prepare for the operation.

Then Gu Yunzheng hurriedly returned to find Su Weian, only to find that Su Weian was playing drums with others on the street. The atmosphere was so pleasant and warm that he couldn't help but pick up his phone and record the video. Because Gu Yunzheng forgot to bring his wheelchair, he carried Su Weian back. During the period, the two compared French and Chinese, and Su Wei'an discovered that Gu Yunzheng actually knew the word "boyfriend".

When Dr. Xu checked the ward, he saw that Su Weian was in good condition, so he sent her the translated information. Su Wei'an accidentally received a video invitation from Wen Ran, and the relationship between his former friends is now very delicate. Wen Ran deliberately showed affection to Du Yuncheng on camera. Du Yuncheng observed the French behind Su Wei'an and learned that she was in Lakaya, and showed great concern. But Su Weian didn't want to listen to Wen Ran's weird words anymore and ended the video call directly.

The Friendship Hospital organized doctors to go to Labei Village for free clinic. Jiang Muying told Su Weian about this, and she decided to go with her considering that Jiang Muying could not afford the entire translation task. Early in the morning, Su Weian prepared breakfast for everyone and asked Gu Yunzheng to reimburse him. Gu Yunzheng couldn't hide his smile.

The environment in Labei Village was unacceptable to Jiang Muying, and she even sprained her foot accidentally. A little girl walked a long way barefoot to the free clinic camp, hoping that Gu Yunzheng could save her mother. Gu Yunzheng and Su Weian took the child to check the mother, and found that she had suffered a severe stroke and it was basically difficult to recover. Because she and her mother were the only ones left in the girl's family, Gu Yunzheng did not tell the truth. Instead, he told the girl to do regular rehabilitation training for her mother, hoping that miracles could happen between loved ones.

A heavy rain suddenly fell, and Gu Yunzheng and Su Weian hid in a cave. Gu Yunzheng personally helped Su Weian's wounds, but Su Weian was awkward and refused to pull up her clothes. In desperation, she admitted that Gu Yunzheng was not only a doctor, but also a man in her eyes. When the rain gradually became lighter, Gu Yunzheng suggested going out to look for the rainbow in the dark night. Sure enough, the two of them groped along and finally found something in front of the waterfall.

On a full moon night, a dark red rainbow hangs, surrounded by fireflies, and the scene is beautiful and romantic. In this beautiful night scene, Gu Yunzheng once again plucked up the courage to hold Su Wei'an's hand and gave her a stone he picked up by the river. The two couldn't help but kiss.

On the other hand, Du Yuncheng became more and more uneasy when he thought that Su Wei'an and Gu Yunzheng were both in Lakaya. He took the initiative to send a message to Su Wei'an but received no response, and resolutely chose to go to Lakaya to look for Su Wei'an. Soon, a major breakthrough was made in the research and development of the new drug HDQ39. Father Wen said that it can enter Phase III clinical trials and has great confidence in the trial results.

After Gu Yunzheng and Su Wei'an admired the rainbow in the dark night, they walked together to find a way out of the forest. Su Wei'an always felt that there was a sound nearby, but she saw a snake under her feet. She was so scared that she hid aside, and the two of them rolled down the hillside together. Gu Yunzheng's ankle was injured, and because there was no cell phone signal, Su Weian had to help him find a place to rest. Jiang Muying and Fang Mingfan were unable to contact them and had to go out to look for them.


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