Cai Xukun’s (蔡徐坤) is a famous  24 year old Chinese male singer and songwriter in mainland China. While he is still a popular figure and has won several awards for his music, he has been embroiled in several scandals that have affected his reputation. In 2022, he was involved in a court battle with his former company, Yihai Entertainment, regarding the termination of his contract. Additionally, there were allegations that he was involved in an abortion scandal, which may have led to him being blacklisted by some show producers and boycotted by the public. However, some brands are still sticking with him despite the scandals. Therefore, while Cai Xukun is still active in the entertainment industry, his reputation has been affected by the scandals he has been involved in.

There is also a sex scandal rumors surrounding Cai Xukun which is still ongoing. It is alleged that he got three women pregnant before getting involved in his latest scandal. The rumors suggest that he had a one-night stand with his fan, and when she got pregnant, he asked her to have an abortion. The scandal involves allegations that Cai Xukun's mother stepped in and tried to resolve the issue by demanding his ex-girlfriend, Miss C, to get an abortion and hiring a PI to investigate her. The scandal has affected his reputation, and lead to his music and projects being taken off of Douban's database.

He was slated to appear at an event organized by Shenyang Media, but as of now his name and photo has been removed. Some of his sponsors also cut him off. It remains to be seen how netizens and the rest of the brands will react to the rumors. However, some brands are still sticking with him despite the scandals. 

On July 3, 2023, Cai Xukun came out and made a statement on social media. He said, "Hello everyone, I am Cai Xukun. Recently, there has been many topics about me on the Internet. I am sorry to take up everyone's time and attention. I was single two years ago and had relations with Ms. C. The private affairs between the two parties have been properly resolved in 2021, and there is no further entanglement with each other. What needs to be clarified to everyone and the media here is that the relationship between Ms. C and I were from two willing parties. There is no "Underaged Woman" nor there so-called " Forced Abortion." There are no illegal acts, I implore the relevant self-media not to spread rumors nor believe in rumors. This lesson was painful for me. During these two years, I was also blaming myself and regretting. I apologize again to my fans who have always supported and trusted me, and to the media friends who have been following my development and growth. In the future, I will strictly restrain my words and deeds and accept the supervision of the public and society. Please also respect and protect the personal privacy of the parties especially Ms. C."


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