Coco Lee was a highly successful Mandopop diva who had a successful career in Asia and the US. She was a Hong Kong-born singer and songwriter who recently died by suicide, in a statement by her siblings made on July 3, 2023.  Lee’s elder sisters Carol and Nancy Lee said in seperate posts both on Facebook and Instagram, with her condition deteriorating drastically over the last few months.

Her sisters announced her death in a statement on social media.. Coco Lee was known to have struggled with mental health issues before her suicide. She had been suffering from depression for several years. She attempted suicide on Sunday and had been in a coma until her death at the hospital on Wednesday at age 48.

She moved to San Francisco in the US when she was 10 years old with her mom, but she visits her siblings in Hong Kong. Coco Lee married billionaire Bruce Rockowitz, who is sixteen years her senior. The couple got married in October 2011 in a lavish Jewish wedding ceremony in Hong Kong. They have been together for more than ten years, but there have been rumors of separation and divorce between the couple.The reasons behind the rumors of Coco Lee's marriage being on the rocks are not entirely clear. However, there have been rumors that Coco Lee's marriage to Bruce Rockowitz was in trouble because they did not have children. In 2018, Coco Lee admitted that she had been undergoing in-vitro fertilization (IVF) so she could have a baby with her husband.

In July 2020, Coco Lee sparked separation rumors with an ambiguous post on social media, and the same month she posted an "emo" Weibo post that sparked rumors that she and her billionaire husband were getting a divorce, which led to speculation that her marriage was in trouble. However, in March 2021, Coco Lee posted a picture with her husband and stepdaughters, which suggested that their relationship was still intact. However, Bruce Rockowitz has cheated on her before their marriage and multiple times during marriage. In January 2023, it was revealed that Bruce had been cheating on Coco for eleven years, and that she had moved out of their home which they shared with his two stepdaughters.

Coco Lee underwent surgery for her leg in February 2023 to address a congenital defect in her left leg. She had always had an issue with her leg, which was caused by a dislocation that occurred when she was born. The surgery was to address the painful birth defect in her pelvis and thigh. Her sister revealed that Coco underwent surgery in Hong Kong and would likely be hospitalized for a week. After the surgery, Coco Lee had to learn to walk again.

Coco Lee's mental and physical fall have been attributed to several factors speculated by some netizens. These factors include:

  1. Stress from her parents' divorce
  2. Her own divorce
  3. Her inability to have her own children
  4. Leg pains caused by a congenital defect in her left leg that required surgery

Coco Lee recently underwent surgery to address the painful birth defect in her pelvis and thigh. She had always had an issue with her leg, which was caused by a dislocation that occurred when she was born. After the surgery, Coco Lee had to learn to walk again. It is not clear whether her mental and physical fall is related to these factors, and there is no concrete evidence to support these claim.

*She was also known for her hit song in the film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"

*Bruce Rockowitz, a Canadian businessman who is the former CEO of Hong Kong supply chain company Li & Fung.


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