This is the second "Hainan Island International Film Festival" with more than 200 Chinese and foreign celebrities. A total of 1,495 films from eighty countries have signed on to appear at the event. The beautiful French actress and filmmaker Sophie Marceau is the ambassador of the film festival and, this year, the "Golden Coconut Award." There are three categories for the first time: features, documentaries and short films, alongside the specially-established "Best Children's Film" award. All the beautiful and handsome starlets are seen walking the red carpet through coconut-tree-lined beach. Artists such as Zhang Yi, Yang Mi, Angie Chiu,  Joe Chen, Huang Shengyi, Hannah Quinlivan, Jordan Chan, Carmen Lee and Simon Yam are a few of the special guests who will be appearing at this event. The super sexy and beautiful Chinese megastar Yang Mi was one of the invited guests. There was an advance showing of her studio's pictures, taken on a very windy day where you can see the their hair and clothing billowing in the breeze. Ms. Mi Mi tried fought to keep her composure as reporters crowded her for an interview, which she altogether rejected.

On December 8, 2019, the final list of winners will be announced at the Golden Coconut Awards ceremony. The categories will be for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Actress, Best Screenplay. The final list of winners will be announced at the Golden Coconut Awards ceremony on December 8, 2019.


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