The Murderer 凶手 is a gripping suspense thriller movie inspired by a real-life incident in 1940s Shanghai. It follows the story of an abused wife married to a gambling addict who ultimately murders and dismembers her husband. Her narrative emerges as a compelling feminist rallying cry, urging women to stand up against their abusers. 

The film is anticipated to deliver intrigue, drama, and a compelling message on empowerment, emphasizing Zhang Ziyi's pivotal role as the main lead. However, the ongoing debate over who will be credited as the second lead has been a point of contention since last year, adding an extra layer of anticipation and speculation to the movie's release.

The fierce rivalry between two prominent C-drama actresses, Zhao Li Ying and Yang Mi. Both actresses feature prominently in the extensive cast, sparking passionate discussions among their dedicated fan bases about who should be credited as the second lead in the movie. 

This rivalry revolves around the quest to establish the second lead in the film, fueled by conflicting reports and rumors that heighten the anticipation. Both actresses have pivotal roles in the movie, intensifying the competition and speculation regarding their positions in the cast. The production team has embraced this rivalry, recognizing its ability to generate publicity, ultimately benefiting the film's promotion and visibility.



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