Yang Mi​​ shared the news​​ via Weibo on​​ May 8, 2023, with​​ a short message​​ that read, "​​We share the past​​, and each has​​ our own future​​".

She established​​ Jay Walk Studios also known as Jiaxing Media,​​ in 2013 with​​ two other individuals​​ after leaving​​ Tangren Entertainment​​ and also establishing​​ her own Yang​​ Mi workshop. Jay​​ Walk Studios​​ is known for​​ cultivating stars​​ such as Dilireba, Vin​​ Zhang, Bambi Zhu, Sabrina Zhuang and G​​ao Weiguang. There​​ have been rumors​​ in the past about​​ a top artist​​ leaving the agency​​, but it is not​​ clear if Yang​​ Mi's departure​​ is related to​​ this or not. 



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