In order to win the draft, Su Ying reunited her colleagues in the studio and gathered all the information to prepare a unique draft. Mibai learned from Zhang Yisen that Qin Yunsheng was sick and was worried, so he thought about taking care of him. Qin Yunsheng was alone in the glass house, feeling uncomfortable because of a high fever. Waishang Mibai came to Qin Yunsheng's glass house and wanted to take care of Qin Yunsheng, but Qin Yunsheng wanted to avoid suspicion, but wanted you to take care of him, so he made an excuse. His illness had healed, and Mi Bai had already guessed that Qin Yunsheng would refuse, so he found an excuse to ask Qin Yunsheng if he wanted to be sent abroad for further study.

But Qin Yunsheng did not agree. Mi Bai guessed that Qin Yunsheng didn't want to go abroad because of Su Ying. Mi Bai felt that the two had broken up, but Qin Yunsheng did not agree to break up, thinking that he would renew his relationship with Su Ying. Qin Yunsheng once again asked Mi Bai to go home quickly on the grounds that it was too late. Mi Bai had no choice but to go home. After returning home, in order to completely separate Qin Yunsheng and Su Ying, he called his father. If you want to advance the matter of being sent overseas for a while, you can't give Qin Yunsheng any more time to get along with Su Ying.

The second round of competition officially began. Su Ying and Tian Mei both came up with their own plans. Tian Mei's plan was rejected by Su Ying. Su Ying designed a plan based on her own experience. A better plan, full of human care, the hospital management all agreed with Su Ying's design plan.

Mi Bai had no choice but to see that everyone else agreed, so he could only agree to Su Ying's plan. After winning the design plan, Su Ying returned to stay with her mother, while Zhou Huimin was still in a coma. Su Ying sat on her mother's bedside, holding her mother's hand and telling her what was in her heart. Zhou Huimin seemed to have heard her daughter's words and woke up unexpectedly.

Because Tian Mei failed to win, she approached Yang Zhengwen and asked Yang Zhengwen to give him another chance. However, Yang Zhengwen was only using Tian Mei at the beginning, so he did not want to continue to cooperate with Tian Mei and lied that Tian Mei did not win the agreement between the two. It has been cancelled, and Tian Mei has left the studio at this time. If Yang Zhengwen abandons him again, he will never have anywhere to go, and he is very anxious. In the end, Yang Zhengwen only promised to notify Tian Mei to continue cooperation.

Xu Mingshi, Hui Xuan and Weiwei were drinking juice together outside. Weiwei invited Xu Mingshi to go out for dinner, but Xu Mingshi refused. Weiwei saw Xu Mingshi being shy and expressed her feelings to Hui Xuan. She likes shy boys like Xu Mingshi, but Hui Xuan also saw through Weiwei's thoughts, so she told Weiwei that Xu Mingshi already had a girlfriend, but after hearing this, Weiwei deliberately thought that only she could be worthy of Xu Mingshi. After Weiwei heard this, she felt it was a pity. How could a good boy like Xu Mingshi be overpowered by others? After Xu Mingshi came back, Hui Xuan officially disclosed the news of their relationship to Wei Wei. Wei Wei was very angry after seeing it. Just when Weiwei was disappointed, Qin Yunsheng's good friend Hai Ge came up to strike up a conversation. The two chatted happily and had a lot in common.

After Zhou Huimin woke up, she asked her daughter about Qin Yunsheng's news. When her daughter didn't speak, she knew that the two had quarreled. Zhou Huimin explained to her daughter that she didn't let Qin Yunsheng tell Su Ying. After hearing her mother's explanation, Su Ying also knew that she She misunderstood Qin Yunsheng, and Director Zhao came to check the ward at this time. Su Ying learned from Director Zhao that the reason why Director Zhao operated on her mother was because Qin Yunsheng had been working hard.

Su Ying came to Qin Yunsheng's office and wanted to apologize, but Qin Yunsheng was not in the office. Zhang Yisen happened to come over to deliver medicine to Qin Yunsheng. Only then did Su Ying learn that Qin Yunsheng was sick. Just as Qin Yunsheng was about to undergo surgery, Su Ying called to apologize to Qin Yunsheng. Su Ying also learned from Director Ruan of the hospital that the hospital originally chose Qin Yunsheng to conduct medical exchanges abroad, but Qin Yunsheng had always rejected Director Ruan because of Su Ying and wanted to Let Su Ying persuade Qin Yunsheng.


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