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Recently, a major case occurred in the Qizhou Intermediate People's Court. Lugang vessel No. 18 illegally carried passengers. Four of the eight people in the group were missing and one died. These people include captain He Shouyi, tourist Qiu Ren (also a diving enthusiast), tourist Hu Bai and Wang Gui from Pojiao. The whereabouts of the four passengers are unknown. The deceased was Qi Jing’s husband Liu Kai, and the incident happened on the same ship. Moreover, it was raining heavily when we sailed that night. What happened that night is very confusing.

The case began to enter the trial stage. Qi Jing was sitting in the vehicle being escorted to the court, and her mood was ups and downs. She recalled that the man had spoken tenderly to her the night before, saying that they were going to have a baby on Dengxian Island, and she couldn't help but shed tears.

The judge asked Zheng Duo to first describe what happened on the day of the incident. Zheng Duo said that the ship began to bump and bump as the wind and waves accelerated that night. Several passengers went to the cabin to take shelter from the rain. Suddenly, the ship shook violently. Qi Wenjing did not He stood firm and suddenly fell down next to the cabinet. He cut his forehead and blood flowed out instantly. When Liu Kai saw his wife being supported by a strange man, he suddenly became jealous. He pressed his wife on the chair and asked her to hold on a little longer and wait until the ship docked to find a way to bandage her.

Zheng Duo saw that the wound on Qi Wenjing's head was still bleeding, so he went out to get the medical kit to bandage the wound. Through the window, Zheng Duo saw Wang Gui chatting with the captain He Shouyi, and then he took the long The knife was thrust into the captain's abdomen and he was thrown overboard. Zheng Duo was very frightened and immediately told other passengers what he had just discovered. The weather was bad, there was no communication signal, and the only captain died at this time. Everyone was very scared.

Wang Gui returned to the boat with a long knife and asked them who could sail the boat. Hu Bai, the only one on the boat who had attended a maritime university, stammered that although he had attended a maritime university, he could not sail a boat at all. Wang Gui threatened He went looking for a life jacket, but found there was only one on board. Hu Bai began to fight with Wang Gui for the only life jacket left in the boat. He was still young and was no match for Wang Gui. During the fight, Wang Gui stabbed Hu Bai to death. He put on the life jacket that Hu Bai had grabbed. He held a life jacket and a knife to remind the few people present that they must listen to him, otherwise he wouldn't care to kill one more person.

Seeing that Wang Gui was so ruthless, everyone looked at each other. Wang Gui had already killed three people. When he was not paying attention, everyone immediately held down his hands and feet and signaled Qi Wenjing to stab Wang Gui with a knife. As a result, Qi Wenjing stabbed Wang Gui directly. Wang Gui's heart died on the spot.

In court, Zheng Duo described in detail what happened on the boat. Later, everyone survived four days without eating or drinking. Seeing that the pure water was about to run out, Qi Wenjing woke up in the morning and found that the man was missing. It turned out that Her man secretly put on the only life jacket he had and sat on the guardrail of the deck. He was so eager to go ashore that he even had hallucinations. After repeatedly repeating that he saw the island, he jumped into the sea regardless of everyone's reminders.

These other parties also agreed. According to the police investigation of the scene, it was found that the location of the deceased was exactly as they described. Vice President Qi Heng held a plenary meeting after the trial. Although there was nothing suspicious about the confession, he always felt that something was wrong. Because the deck was not sure about another blood sample, because there was no blood stain of Wang Gui in the blood bank, and his name was not on the list of passengers who boarded the ship.

Zhang Yanjun is also the backbone of the court. He has worked in the political and legal department for nearly twenty years. He was about to take the position of vice president, but was suddenly taken over by Qi Heng, who was airborne. He was very upset about this.


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