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After finishing his report at the University of Political Science and Law, Qi Heng and Marathon drove back together. On the way, Marathon excitedly talked about seeing graduation photos at Qi Heng's house and found his own shadow. It seemed that they had a lot of fate.

The car had a slight glitch while driving on the road. When we drove to the auto repair shop, Marathon met a familiar face. The owner of the auto repair shop turned out to be Luo Cheng! I remember that after the court trial ended not long ago, Marathon encouraged Luo Cheng to have the courage to give it a try since he wanted to drive a car to practice medicine. Unexpectedly, Luo Cheng really started to drive a car to practice medicine, and his mental state improved a lot. When Luo Cheng saw Marathon, he bowed deeply to express his gratitude and insisted not to charge for the repair fee. Marathon insisted on giving the repair fee to Luo Cheng. Seeing that Marathon was living a good life, Marathon was very happy. He was glad that his choice was right.

Judge Niu really wanted to transfer Wang Mo and Marathon back to the same court, so he argued with Qi Heng about this. Finally Qi Heng agreed. Marathon and Wang Mo moved back their luggage excitedly, as happy as if they were back at their parents' home.

One day, the court received a case. A couple was divorcing. The man was unwilling to divorce and threatened his wife by jumping off a building, hoping that the wife would give up the idea of ​​divorce. However, the wife faced her husband standing on the top of a high building and not only did not persuade her, but Instead, she ridiculed her husband and called her husband a coward who didn't dare to jump off a building. He also said that if he really had the guts to jump off a building, he would be willing to guard his photo for the rest of his life. As a result, the man Luo Di actually fell from a height. Unexpectedly, he killed Xue Shu, the man who was stabbed on the first floor.

The case entered the trial stage. Luo Di admitted that he had no intention of committing suicide by jumping off the building. His original intention was to scare his wife and not want her to divorce him. Unexpectedly, because he stood for too long, his legs became weak when he stood up and he fell down. Judging from Luo Di's expression at that time, it seemed that he was not lying.

Xue Shu, who was smashed to death, was near the residence of his sister Xue Qin. Xue Qin confessed during the trial that this was all related to a woman named Wang Biyao. Six months ago, Xue Qin heard that an investment project was very profitable. In order to raise two million in investment capital, she sold her only house. Unexpectedly, the other party took her money and disappeared. From then on, Wang Biyao urged Xue Qin to vacate the house almost every day. Wang Biyao paid off the original house purchase fee in one go. Xue Qin was anxious and worried every day for this. When she heard people from the court urging Xue Qin to vacate the house, she became emotional. When she saw the judge again urging her to vacate the house, After vacating the room, he threw the kitchen knife out when he got emotional.

The trial entered a break. Although Xue Qin spoke sincerely, Qi Heng and Marathon always vaguely felt that something was wrong. When the trial continued, the judge summoned Wang Biyao. Wang Biyao was also Luo Di's wife. She called Luo Di several times. They both had suicidal tendencies, and one time he knelt down to her and threatened to commit suicide if she insisted on getting a divorce with a broken glass bottle. But Luo Di didn't have the courage to do it at that time. Regarding this fall, Wang Biyao believed that Luo Di didn't have the courage to jump off the building at all. However, even though he was at the scene at the time, he was not sure because he was far away.

A judge who had a conflict with Xue Qin that day testified that on that day, the execution judge went to deliver the enforcement notice to Xue Qin. Xue Qin was emotional and said that she had no place to live. She anxiously picked up the kitchen knife used to chop ribs and tried to attack the judge. It flew out, but did not hurt the judge. Instead, it stabbed her brother's body without any bias. The whole process was so coincidental and bizarre that the judge also questioned on the spot why the kitchen knife could be thrown at Xue Shu so accurately, and at this time Luo Di happened to jump off the building and kill Xue Shu.


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