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The last time Xiao Lan saw Liu Yang, she thought the young man was very handsome and always asked Marathon to ask Liu Yang out so that they could get to know each other. In the end, Marathon really found the opportunity to invite Liu Yang out to watch a movie, but Xiao Lan gave up temporarily. There was no other way, so Marathon had no choice but to bite the bullet and turn the movie for three into a movie for two.

At the end of the movie, Marathon was preparing to say goodbye to Liu Yang, but he didn't expect that "falling flowers have no intention of flowing water." Liu Yang also bought roses, thinking that Marathon liked him, and confessed that he also liked her very much, which frightened Marathon and immediately corrected the situation today. It was someone else who asked him out, so he quickly ran away.

Passing by the place where the falling case happened during the day, Marathon couldn't help but look up, wondering if he could clearly see the faces of the people on the first floor from the seventh floor. Wang Mo happened to pass by, and he felt that the seventh floor was not too high. Being able to see the people below clearly, at this moment, Marathon saw Wang Biyao.

Wang Biyao was in a daze and walked forward with dull eyes. Marathon saw something was wrong and immediately followed with Wang Mo. They found that Wang Biyao was about to jump into the sea and commit suicide. Marathon rushed over and pulled Wang Biyao back.

Qi Heng heard about the situation and rushed to the hospital immediately. He found Xue Shu's photo in Wang Biyao's pocket. Wang Biyao would put Xue Shu's photo in his pocket before he died, which shows that the two people had a close relationship. Sure enough, photos from the two people's social media confirmed that Wang Biyao had an extramarital affair. She and Xue Shu had been secretly in love for a long time, and Wang Biyao's husband also knew about it.

Soon, Wang Biyao's neighbor brought a video. The content of the video happened to be the process of Luo Di falling from the building that day. Wang Mo also found an expert in physical movement analysis. The expert slowed down the video and concluded that Luo Di fell. It was not intentional murder, but because his legs were numb and his center of gravity was unstable due to stumbling on something, he fell from a high place. Wang Mo watched the video several times and found that it was indeed the case.

Soon, Luo Di was acquitted and came out of the court. Wang Biyao pointed at Luo Di and said he was shameless. Luo Di was also very excited, saying that it was all her fault. If it weren't for her extramarital affair, she would not have gone to the top of the building to seek death. , Luo Di wanted to continue to say that Wang Biyao had ulterior motives, but suddenly Wang Biyao solemnly reminded him that if he still wants to live his life, he must shut up. In the end, Luo Di really shut up, and Qi Heng vaguely felt that there was something inside.

Not long after, Fan Da came to Qi Heng's house as a guest, and accidentally mentioned a relative. Because his children were all thinking about the old man's money, they fought with each other every day, which made the old man angry to death. And just after the old man left, his son was also dropped. The building was smashed to death. Qi Heng was immediately alert. The next day, he personally visited Fan Da's uncle and learned from him that Xue Shu and Xue Qin had turned against each other over the fight for the old man's real estate.


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