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Liu Yang began to secretly pursue marathons. Whenever there was a collective action, as long as the marathon existed, he would rush to participate. On this day, Sister Bao hosted a dinner and invited single aspiring young people to gather together. When Liu Yang saw that he also signed up for the marathon, he quickly agreed.

Marathon brought his best friend with him, but Liu Yang didn't seem to care about Xiao Lan at all. Xiao Lan was unhappy. Marathon immediately asked his best friend to ask for Liu Yang's WeChat account. As a result, Liu Yang bluntly said that he liked marathon. He just saw Marathon and took the initiative to add another A judge lost his temper on WeChat because he was jealous.

My best friend was shocked. When she got home, she immediately asked Marathon why he had added another judge on WeChat. Marathon said frankly that that person was a judge in the civil court. Recently, they had also received many cases against Xue Qin. Not long ago, Xue Qin borrowed I robbed those people of 500,000 yuan, and I originally promised to give them 10% interest within a month, but I didn't expect that I would go to jail so soon. Now those creditors are afraid that their money will be wasted, so they hurried to the court to file lawsuits.

Qi Heng went to the detention center again to question Xue Qin, this time specifically asking about the reason for the estrangement between her and her brother after Xue's father died. Xue Qin said frankly that her brother came back this time for the house her father left her. When her father was ill, her brother was nowhere to be seen. Later, when the funeral arrangements were being made, her brother Xue Shu came back and fought for the house for her.

After some time, Xue Shu took the initiative to admit his mistake. Xue Qin, the older daughter, was still alone at this age, with only her younger brother as her only relative. Now that her younger brother had admitted her mistake, the two siblings reconciled. From then on, Xue Shu often came to accompany his sister and chatted with her to relieve her boredom. The relationship between the siblings was restored as before. Soon, Xue Shu introduced a financial manager to Xue Qin. I took out a mortgage and loaned out 1.5 million, then borrowed 500,000 here and there, and collected 2 million and gave it to the financial manager. As a result, the financial manager lost contact the next day. Xue Qin was so worried that her house was mortgaged and she owed a lot of debt. She would never have a chance to turn around in the future.

Not long after, Xue Qin was surprised to find that her younger brother and the financial manager were in the same group, and her only relative had betrayed her. The despair made Xue Qin almost collapse. She had also thought about giving her brother some punishment, and then called him, invited him to come to her house for dinner, and bought a lot of ribs, but in the end, she still felt compassion when she did it. After all, he was her biological brother. As a result, the court made a verdict and Xue Qin was sentenced to three years in prison for manslaughter.

Luo Huaigong has been worrying about the Caiyun Villa project recently. He bought two pieces of land, but there was a piece of land in between that hindered the entire real estate development plan.


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