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Wang Peng never dreamed that the judge would clear his name. After hearing the acquittal verdict, he burst into tears with excitement. Many people outside the court were following the progress of the case, inciting public opinion and posting untrue information online. Luo Huaigong was afraid that the commotion would not be big enough, so he immediately called his uncle who worked in the Municipal Party Committee and told him that Qi Heng was in court today and allowed those petitioners to do so without calling the police to the scene to maintain order, regardless of the social impact. He specifically emphasized that someone from the Provincial Party Committee came to make an unannounced visit that day. The impact is extremely bad.

The leaders of the provincial party committee held an emergency meeting that night to discuss the fact that those petitioners gathered around the court hearing that day, which was clearly being manipulated by someone behind the scenes. They recommended that Qi Heng be suspended and asked him to write a letter of apology and make a profound self-examination to the public. calm the influence of public opinion.

When Marathon heard the results of the trial, he returned home and was filled with indignation at the pressure of public opinion faced by Qi Heng. Because he had personally experienced the progress of the entire incident, he naturally defended Qi Heng. In order to maintain the fairness and transparency of the law, Qi Heng allowed those who petitioned to follow the progress of the incident. It's not wrong, why did it become a group incident? The more she thought about it, the angrier she became, so she took the towel and prepared to run around at night. As a result, he met the aggressive Qu Huairen. Seeing that the opponent's approach was not good, he quickly followed behind quietly.

Sure enough, Qu Huairen knocked on Qi Heng's door and strangled Qi Heng's neck. The lights at the Municipal Intermediate Court were brightly lit all night, and the judicial department began to reorganize the case and discuss the social significance of Qi Heng's judgment in depth. All the evidence chains were conclusive, and there was no evidence that Wang Peng directly committed the crime.

In the hospital, Qi Heng saw that Marathon was the only one around him, so he got up from bed and asked Marathon what he had just received from the municipal party committee. Qi Heng felt relieved. At this juncture, all parties are under pressure for him. If he suddenly falls ill, things will be much easier to handle. The leaders of the municipal party committee finally decided to let Zhang Yanjun be temporarily responsible for Qi Heng's daily affairs. Zhang Yanjun was a little disappointed when he heard that he could have taken advantage of this crisis to make Qi Heng resign. Unexpectedly, the final decision was to let him temporarily take over some matters of the court.

The Dazhou City Public Security Bureau was looking for some people recently. They caught several fraudsters and rapists in a bar. They found many photos of prostitutes in the rapist's cell phone, including Wang Chunlan, the daughter of the suspect Wang Peng, because Wang Peng's case had just ended. Everyone was very sensitive and went to Wang Chunlan immediately.

Marathon's mother was busy getting her daughter on a blind date again, but Marathon ate the whole meal absent-mindedly. When her mother asked what the blind date man meant, she immediately said there was something going on at work and ran away in a hurry.

When Wang Peng saw a policeman trying to take away his daughter, he immediately confronted him with a knife. He had just been acquitted, fearing that his daughter would be implicated. Now that the police were coming to his door again, he seemed to be frightened. Wang Peng and his daughter went to the police station together. The police showed the photo. Wang Chunlan refused to admit it at first, but the mole on the girl's back in the photo was exactly the same as hers. Wang Chunlan lowered her head in shame.


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