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The next day, Marathon told Qi Heng that Deputy Director Ding died suddenly due to a sudden cerebral hemorrhage due to emotional excitement. Qi Heng was very sad to hear that, and Marathon also felt that the recent events one after another were too bloody. Qi Heng said frankly that since He had to face it when he came. He was going to visit Deputy Director Ding's house tomorrow. He had done nothing wrong and was not afraid of ghosts knocking on the door.

Late at night, Qi Heng tossed and turned and saw the lights of thousands of houses across the street. He suddenly remembered that his wife had told him that behind every light was a family. No matter what the outside world was like, when the door was closed, he was the whole world. Now Lao Ding’s daughter After drinking sleeping pills, Lao Ding died suddenly again. These were all related to a case he was trying, so how could we tell them apart. The brother-in-law saw Qi Heng alone on the balcony. Hearing Qi Heng just say that he dreamed of his wife, Guo Lun felt very sad when he saw Qi Heng's situation.

At dawn, Qi Heng went to Lao Ding's house to express his condolences. Lao Ding's wife and relatives became angry when they saw him. They spoke in a very unpleasant manner and pushed Qi Heng out. Qi Heng understood the person involved very well. His eyes were red, and he didn't even have a chance to explain. After coming out of Ding's house, Qi Heng went to the parking lot and was beaten by a group of men in black. He was knocked unconscious on the spot and had two ribs broken.

The vice-president of the dignified court was beaten to the hospital. The municipal party secretary heard about this incident and thought it was ridiculous. Qi Heng was not wrong in hearing the case. The secret forces were ready to move. The municipal party secretary who had experienced many battles still knew what he was doing. He warned Assistant, the court cannot do without a man of action like Qi Heng.

Qi Heng went to the hospital to visit Marathon and also brought good news. One of the victims went to identify Xiong Jianlin. As long as there was a witness, Xiong Jianlin was doomed. Soon, Xiong Jianlin's case was reopened. At the trial, the judge asked the Public Security Bureau in detail about the investigation and comparison of the crime scene. According to Xiong Jianlin's physiological characteristics, the autopsy report of the victim Qu Xiaoyan was that he suffered violent blunt force injuries. At that time, Xiong Jianlin was kicked. He took off his lower body, and in anger, stabbed the other person to death with a wooden stick.

The prosecution asked Xiong Jianlin why he had such hatred for Qu Xiaoyan in the first place. Xiong Jianlin confessed that at the beginning he just wanted to have sex with Wang Chunlan and did not want to kill anyone. He couldn't control his emotions at the time and wanted her to shed some blood and learn a lesson. He was stabbed with a stick and died.

In the ward, Qi Heng was also analyzing this case. The difficulty of this case is the crime of intentional injury and the crime of intentional homicide. The crime of intentional injury is punishable by death at most, while the crime of intentional homicide has much greater consequences. The difference between the two is the crime of murder. The original intention of the perpetrator depends on the means and methods of committing the crime when inflicting harm.

Marathon also thought about this. After listening to the arguments of the arguer, Marathon asked Xiong Jianlin why he deleted all the photos of previous sexual assault targets, except Wang Chunlan's. Xiong Jianlin knew the crux of this issue and immediately said that he liked Wang Chunlan very much and felt that she existed like a goddess, so he was reluctant to delete the photos.


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