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The trial was in full swing, and Marathon analyzed the case in detail, and cleverly raised several questions, asking Xiong Jianlin why he was cruel to Qu Xiaoyan in the first place, and what was his state of mind when he was cruel to Qu Xiaoyan. Xiong Jianlin said that he was with Qu Xiaoyan late at night. He dragged her to a dark corner from behind. Qu Xiaoyan's clothes and body shape that day were exactly the same as Wang Chunlan's. At that time, he was doing something evil. He was nervous and scared. It happened that his lower body was hit hard by Qu Xiaoyan, and then he got angry and knocked her unconscious.

Marathon asked Xiong Jianlin what his next move would be. Xiong Jianlin said that he was angry at the time and was looking for tools to commit the crime and wanted to kill her. Xiong Jianlin let something slip. Marathon and the prosecutor paid careful attention to Xiong Jianlin's expression. Xiong Jianlin realized that he let something slip and quickly corrected him, saying that he was looking for something to hurt Qu Xiaoyan. When the trial was about to end, Xiong Jianlin repeatedly argued that he liked Wang Chunlan and did not want to kill her at all, because he had indeed misunderstood Qu Xiaoyan as Wang Chunlan and dragged her into a dark corner.

At the hospital, Guo Lun was very curious about how Marathon would be judged. Qi Heng had already guessed it. He did not tell Guo Lun the answer, believing that Marathon would naturally have his own judgment. At the end of the court hearing, Marathon, Wang Mo and Liu Yang discussed the case again. Late at night, Zhang Yanjun suddenly walked into the collegial court and commended them for being responsible, capable and rational. Marathon couldn't help but suggest giving some material rewards to several judges. Zhang Yanjun heard He immediately joked that the material reward would be solved by himself.

Early the next morning, Marathon took Wang Mo and Liu Yang to analyze the case again. Although Xiong Jianlin always insisted during the trial that he did not want to kill Qu Xiaoyan, it was certainly impossible for Xiong Jianlin to admit his motive for the murder when Marathon asked him. Maybe he saw When the victim found out his true identity and could not commit sexual assault, he had no choice but to kill him to silence him. And when Xiong Jianlin claimed that he liked Wang Chunlan, he also killed Wang Chunlan. If he hadn't stabbed Qu Xiaoyan's abdominal cavity with a wooden stick more than once, Qu Xiaoyan would not have died. Therefore, Xiong Jianlin was extremely vicious and did not commit the crime impulsively. Therefore, based on various clues and facts, it was inferred that Xiong Jianlin committed intentional homicide. Marathon explained the whole process to Wang Mo again. At first, Wang Mo thought it was intentional harm. After hearing Marathon's analysis, he finally understood that it was indeed intentional murder.

Luo Huaigong has also been making small moves. He heard about Wang Peng and Wang Chunlan and knew about the relationship between Wang Chunlan and Xiong Jianlin, so he asked his men to keep an eye on Wang Peng, saying that the father and daughter were valuable.

At first, Luo Huaigong quietly found a lawyer to defend Wang Peng, but this time he asked the lawyer to call Wang Peng. The lawyer deceived Wang Peng and said that Dapeng Group sympathized with their women's difficult life and decided to give Wang Chunlan and Wang Peng monthly subsidies from now on. Living expenses and tuition fees were provided to Wang Peng, and he was also offered a security job. Wang Peng burst into tears of gratitude and even knelt down, saying that he would defend Dapeng Group to the death.

Late at night, while Qi Heng was writing the verdict on the computer, she suddenly had a nightmare, in which she saw Xiong Jianlin standing in front of her and demanding his life. Marathon woke up from the shock, scared out of his wits. Marathon couldn't calm down his mood, so he called Qi Heng and asked him if he had rest so that it would be convenient to see him.

Marathon went to the ward to see Qi Heng and told Qi Heng about her confusion. Qi Heng could understand Marathon's mood and enlightened her that judges should analyze the case carefully and the sentencing must be accurate. The sentence must be reasonable and within the scope of the law. Marathon was torn between suspended execution and immediate execution. She understood that this was a question of sentencing tendency. She asked Marathon whether he preferred to be more severe or lighter. Qi Heng told her that she must be based on the sentence. judge based on the facts of the crime.


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