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Guo Lun returned to the city to party with a group of friends and drank a lot. Qi Heng went to the bar to find Guo Lun, so he was also seen by Luo Huaigong's assistant and learned about the relationship between Guo Lun and Qi Heng.

Qi Heng went to the international kindergarten to investigate the mysteriously missing child. Finally, they found the little boy's mother. When they heard that the police had found clues about their child, the child's mother burst into tears. She took her son out to play a few years ago and accidentally accidentally Lost my son.

Qi Heng and the police returned to Ma Tou Village again to look for children. This time they did not find Ma Weiwei, the missing child from the international kindergarten. However, a farmer learned that local women could not give birth to children due to kidney failure. So what's going on with a lot of kids. The accompanying police officers allowed a child to drink from his own water bottle, thereby preserving precious DNA.

Sure enough, through DNA testing, a boy named Weiwei was not born to a couple named Ma Genmu at all. He should have been trafficked. In order to get Weiwei to talk, Marathon suggested that Qi Heng make Weiwei's hometown specialty-hairy tofu. Weiwei really brought back memories of her childhood and told the police where many children were hiding. Through Wei Wei's confession, the police rescued many kidnapped children.

The court leader suggested that this case be handed over to Zhang Yanjun. This case has attracted widespread attention in the society. Once the trial is completed, it will definitely help his career. Zhang Yanjun was very happy. He went back to have a few drinks in the evening and met his wife. He expressed his position that this case must be heard properly.

During the trial, the procuratorate brought up the case of Li Huahua involved in child abduction. Over the years, she had abducted five children in a row. Her crime was extremely heinous. Weiwei was abducted by her at the amusement park. After the first time, there was a second time. Outsiders bring their children to the village, so many families without children come to visit. Li Huahua kept saying that she liked children. After her child died, she loved every child she saw, but she didn't know that this was a crime.

Li Huahua had experience in kidnapping and selling children, and she was so bold that she went directly to the entrance of the International Kindergarten to defraud them. She specially selected those with good looks and good health, so that they could be sold easily and at a good price. In court, Li Huahua always emphasized that she loved children and had never abused them. The local poor households did not accept fees, but some people from other villages came to collect the children and asked for some money.

The village was polluted and many families were unable to give birth to children. Li Huahua felt that kidnapping and selling children was also a way to get rich, and she refused to stop after that. In court, Li Huahua also mentioned pollution. Everyone in the village knew the reason for their illness, but it was too late. There was no hope for chronic kidney failure, and they had no strength to go out to work.


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