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According to Li Huahua's confession, she had never abused her children and hired a cook to cook for them. The defender took out a ledger that recorded the considerable monthly expenses for raising children, defending that Li Huahua would abduct the children. Giving it to those who are infertile to raise, without ever abusing the children, is not the greatest evil. The procuratorate raised objections. Li Huahua abducted children more than once, seriously disrupting social order and causing great pain to countless families.

In the collegial court, Zhang Yanjun decided to sentence Li Huahua to death. Li Huahua abducted five children. She was of a bad nature and had extremely bad social impact. It also had a lifelong impact on the growth of those children. Wang Mo raised objections. He did not agree with Li Huahua's death penalty. He also said that the fate of the abducted children was not necessarily affected by Li Huahua. Qi Heng happened to pass by the procuratorate's collegial bench for something. When he heard Wang Mo's statement, he strongly disagreed and emphasized that Li Huahua Huahua's crime of abducting children has a bad social impact, and we cannot adopt a gentle policy. We must not be lenient in sentencing to prevent the breeding of more evil thoughts.

Zhang Yanjun was originally the presiding judge in this case, but Qi Heng, who was not a member of the collegial panel, said a lot in one breath. Zhang Yanjun was obviously impatient, and before Qi Heng finished speaking, he announced that today's meeting was over. After returning home, Zhang Yanjun complained to his wife about his dissatisfaction with Qi Heng. She reminded him that Qi Heng's position was still above him and he had to endure it for the time being. The press conference asked Qi Heng to face the media reporters and let him face the pressure of public opinion. In this way, he also has a chance to stand up. Zhang Yanjun was very satisfied when he heard this.

When the court opened again, Zhang Yanjun read out the verdict. In view of the fact that there was no torture or harm to the trafficked children, Li Huahua was finally sentenced to fifteen years in prison for the crime of child trafficking. Zhang Yanjun thought that the society was very concerned about this kidnapping case. Hearing that Li Huahua's sentencing was not the death penalty would definitely make the public dissatisfied. He deliberately asked Qi Heng to attend the press conference. As a result, when the media reporters asked Qi Heng the public's questions , Qi Heng explained legal knowledge to the public in detail, as well as the psychological impact on criminals behind the Li Huahua child kidnapping case. Once the child kidnapping suspect is sentenced to death, those who have committed the most heinous crimes will not hesitate to kill those who have committed the most heinous crimes in order to eliminate evidence. The consequences of silencing abducted children are not what everyone wants to see.

Soon, an unknown female body appeared in Ma Tou Village. At first, the Public Security Bureau suspected that it was a child kidnapped by Li Huahua. After forensic identification, it was found that the body was that of an adult woman, and she had been dead for five or six years. When Marathon heard about the case, she had an ominous premonition. She quietly took Guo Lun's DNA and sent it to the forensic doctor for testing. Before leaving, she kept telling the forensic doctor not to tell Qi Heng about her visit today.

After receiving the report, the Environmental Protection Bureau finally sent inspectors to Ma Tou Village to test the water quality. Jiangyun Chemical Plant heard the rumor and immediately turned on the sewage discharge facilities and tried every means to delay the inspectors for some time to conduct inspections. In recent years, the director of the Environmental Protection Bureau and Jiangyun Chemical Plant have been colluding and have often accepted bribes.


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