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Luo Huaigong heard that Qi Heng was not afraid of Secretary Wu's authority at all, and issued a verdict before the meeting was over. The chemical plant completely lost the lawsuit. Luo Huaigong held a grudge against Qi Heng. He told his subordinates that if Qi Heng continued to act arbitrarily, he would be punished. Zheng Duo asked him to "shut up".

The water director of Jiangyun Chemical Plant "disappeared" after receiving the judgment. When it came to compensation, no one could be found. Every comrade in the court was worried about the villagers who were sick.

Marathon had promised Guo Lun to search for his sister Guo Nian together. Guo Lun went all the way to find the place where his sister worked. The newspaper office searched Guo Nian's drawer and found that his sister had also investigated Jiangyun Chemical Factory six years ago. When he heard the name, Guo Nian Lun felt very nervous. Marathon and Guo Lun went to Luo Huaigong Company and accidentally discovered Shui Weihong, the director of the water plant who was playing "evaporation".

Marathon and Guo Lun followed Shui Weihong all the way. Guo Lun used hacking technology to find Shui Weihong's room number. From Shui Weihong's mouth, Guo Lun knew that his sister had investigated the chemical plant and found someone behind the scenes to protect her. The investigation went too deep, and Guo Nian was killed by a ruthless scarred man. Fortunately, Shui Weihong passed by at that time, and both the man who kidnapped his sister and Shui Weihong ran away. Guo Lun asked about the appearance of the person who kidnapped his sister. After Shui Weihong confirmed that this person was indeed Guo Nian.

Guo Lun told Marathon the clues he had obtained. The two connected all the clues together and gradually deduced the shocking secret behind the fishing boat case. Guo Nian was kidnapped for investigating the chemical plant. Later, trainee reporter Hu Bai discovered Guo Nian. I read some of the information that I had stored, so I wanted to continue to investigate in depth. Zheng Duo, who was the last to board the boat that night, obviously did not board the boat by coincidence, but did it on purpose. After making this speculation, the two of them became more certain.

Qi Heng heard that his brother-in-law and Marathon still insisted on investigating the chemical plant. He solemnly told Marathon not to investigate the chemical plant again. It was really very dangerous. The police station received an anonymous letter containing a piece of hair. The letter asked the police to conduct a DNA comparison because the hair belonged to Guo Nian.

The police know the relationship between Guo Nian and Qi Heng. This time the comparison is really a match, it is indeed Guo Nian's. Qi Heng and Guo Lun went to the police station together and were extremely shocked when they heard the news. Police Officer He understood Qi Heng's mood very well and asked Guo Nian if he had offended anyone during his lifetime.

Qi Heng fell into painful memories. Six years ago, the two of them had more than two fights. Even now, recalling those two quarrels, Qi Heng didn't feel anything bad. A week after Guo Nian disappeared, he received a letter, It was printed on a computer. The letter expressed dissatisfaction with him and said that he wanted to be separated from him for a while. After that, there was no news from him for more than six years.

When the police did not tell Qi Heng about the investigation results, Qi Heng was looking forward to it every day, hoping that one day he would receive news that Guo Nian was alive. Unexpectedly, what he had been waiting for was this result. After more than six years, it was impossible for him not to do what he had done I prepared for the worst, but after verifying the results, I was still heartbroken.


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