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After coming out of the police station, Qi Heng could no longer control his emotions. The police officer told Qi Heng that Guo Nian fell from a height, broke his neck, and suffered serious skull injuries. His beloved wife died tragically, and Qi Heng felt heartbroken every time he thought about it. He brought some memorial items to the dry well where the body was found, calling his beloved wife over and over in his heart. Now he misses his wife very much. He didn't like to cook or exercise before. Now he has really completely gotten rid of his bad habits, but he didn't wait to see his wife for the last time.

The chemical plant pollution case has reached the enforcement stage. The provincial party committee has paid special attention to it and issued an ultimatum to Jiangyun Chemical Plant, giving them a deadline to pay all the compensation to the victims. Otherwise, the shareholders of the chemical plant will be identified one by one, and each shareholder will have Joint and several liability. Naturally, Luo Huaigong couldn't run away. He was originally a ruthless character. Luo Huaigong planned to use Guo Nian to punish Qi Heng. He asked his subordinates to write an anonymous letter to report Qi Heng, and sent the letter directly to Secretary Qi Yong.

At night, Qi Heng went home drunk. Marathon happened to see him in the community and sent him home. There were no lights in the house at that time. Marathon didn't know that Guo Lun was at home. She saw Qi Heng in so much pain and couldn't bear it. He kept asking whether the DNA might not be Guo Nian's, because he secretly took Guo Lun's DNA for testing. Qi Heng slumped on the sofa and vaguely said that Guo Lun and Guo Nian were not biological siblings at all, and that Guo Nian was adopted. . This sentence happened to be heard by Guo Lun, and he rushed out of the door impulsively.

Secretary Qi Yong and Zhang Yanjun were from the same faction. After receiving an anonymous letter, he smelled some opportunities to correct Qi Heng. The above reported that Guo Nian was killed by Qi Heng, saying that Qi Heng had domestically abused Guo Nian many times. The content of the letter It was very vague, but Qi Yong still asked the Political Department to investigate the matter.

Qi Heng was called to the inquiry room and asked whether he had abused Guo Nian for a long time and whether he often domestically abused her. Qi Heng did not remember that he had beaten his wife, nor had he ever had a quarrel, nor did he threaten her to kill her. Thinking of these unfounded things, Qi Heng couldn't help himself with sadness. He had just learned that his wife had passed away, and now he was falsely accused of killing his wife. It was outrageous to think about it.

Seeing Qi Heng's condition, Qi Yong also felt that this report letter was strange. It was originally a real-name report, but the person who made the report has not been found for a long time. There is no way to verify who is who.

Soon, Luo Huaigong ordered his subordinates to pretend to be Guo Nian's old classmates, forge some letters, make scanned documents and give them to Qi Heng's superiors. When the superiors saw the contents of the letters, it was Guo Nian who told his old classmates that Qi Heng always beat him at home. He also threatened her and made her miserable. She is now thinking of committing suicide.


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