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Guo Lun received an inexplicable call from the property management company, saying that someone had sent him a letter. Guo Lun was very curious when he saw the letter. There was no stamp on the envelope. When he opened the envelope, there were two sentences on it, telling him that he wanted to At what time in the evening will the person you are looking for contact the massage girl.

Guo Lun thought someone had told him Zheng Duo's whereabouts, so he put on night clothes, put the hammer in his schoolbag, and prepared to fight Zheng Duo to the death. While he was waiting at the reserved location, he did not see Zheng Duo. A woman was knocked down by a courier on the roadside and seemed to be seriously injured. Guo Lun quickly picked her up and took her to the hospital. The woman rescued by Guo Lun was Wang Peng's daughter Wang Chunlan. There happened to be an anchor broadcasting live on her mobile phone on the roadside. The camera turned to Guo Lun, but Guo Lun didn't notice the movement around her.

At dawn, the political and legal departments discovered that their computers had been attacked by hackers, many employees' data had been lost, and a large amount of important information had been copied. The police and relevant leaders also paid special attention to it. Soon they received another tip and immediately went to Qi Heng's home to search for physical evidence. They actually found a USB flash drive in the drawer. The information on the USB flash drive was exactly what was lost in the public security system. Guo Lun was taken away by the police. Before leaving, he repeatedly emphasized to Qi Heng that he did not attack the computers of the political and legal department and did not know what happened.

Qi Heng found it unbelievable when he heard that his wife's brother had stolen information from the computer of the public security system. After Marathon learned about the situation, he felt chills running down his spine. This dark power had penetrated deep into his home. Otherwise, why would the USB drive be in the drawer of Qi Heng's house? inside. Qi Heng found a local public interest lawyer to defend his younger brother. The defense lawyer communicated the details of the case to the police and found that it was full of loopholes. When Guo Lun was excited, he blurted out that he suspected that there was an insider in the public security system. If he hadn't tipped off Zheng Duo, he would have died. Zheng Duo would not look for the wind and run away. Guo Lun's words reminded the defense lawyers that when looking for evidence, lawyers don't just say everything. They will peel off the cocoons to find key evidence, and then help Guo Lun get rid of suspicion.

Marathon mobilized the power of friends and family members to find the community where the girl Guo Lun rescued originally lived. They asked many people nearby. At the same time, Su Han also spent money to find the doctor who treated the rescued girl that night, using coercion and inducement. Ask the doctor not to tell what happened that night, otherwise the doctor's relatives may be in danger at any time.

Worried that the police would find Zheng Duo, Su Han arranged Zheng Duo to a shabby community and chose a security guard he trusted to watch him. It happened that this security guard was Wang Peng. Every day Wang Peng bought some food for Zheng Duo and sent it to Zheng Duo. I felt uncomfortable holding it in the room, so I asked Wang Peng to have dinner and drink with me. Wang Peng was used to being bossed around by others as a security guard, and his food was not very good. He was envious when he saw someone who was not brave enough to do anything and had so many different things to eat every day. This time he heard Zheng Duo complaining that being in the room was more uncomfortable than being in prison, and he also yelled that Zheng Duo was so blessed that he didn't know how to be blessed.


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