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On this day, Zheng Duo wanted to go out to "be cool", but Zheng Duo disagreed. He obeyed Su Han's order and looked at Zheng Duo for a moment. He also said that he was a descendant of Liangshan heroes and must be loyal. The two of them talked to each other, and Zheng Duo overheard Zheng Duo saying that he had just seen Qi Heng. His heart skipped a beat, feeling that the police were about to find him.

Zheng Duo knew how powerful Qi Heng and Guo Lun were, and wanted to run away with a guilty conscience. Su Han received a call and rushed to the rental house, reminding him that Qi Heng was currently anxious to find evidence for his brother and had no intention of looking for him. Only then did Zheng Duo Get some peace of mind.

Su Han bribed an insider in the police station and forced him to give him first-hand information. Su Han became nervous when he heard that Hao Xing from the police force had been running to Shimen Street recently. Zheng Duo was hiding on Shimen Street in order to do something. Knowing the truth, Luo Huaigong sent his men to bribe nearby residents to test the police station for any clues.

Hao Xing was stopped by a resident who insisted on knowing who the police were investigating in the community every day. Hao Xing was blocked and couldn't leave, so he had to pretend that he was looking for a human trafficker. When Luo Huaigong heard the news from his subordinates, he felt that Hao Xing was lying. Anti-narcotics was not Hao Xing's mission. He must have deliberately alerted the enemy.

Luo Huaigong was afraid that the police would catch Zheng Duo. Once Zheng Duo told the truth, Luo Huaigong would be unable to stand up, so he wanted to throw this hot potato out before the police caught Zheng Duo. That night, Luo Huaigong specially invited Zheng Duo to drink, and deliberately called him brother and brother, saying that he would send Zheng Duo's daughter Lanlan to study abroad, and in short, he would ensure that they would have enough food and clothing in their lives. Zheng Duo drank wine and was encouraged by Luo Huaigong. He was so bold that he followed Su Han to bring something to get rid of Zheng Duo that night.

Zheng Duo was imprisoned in his room every day. Su Han had been putting pressure on him these days, saying that Zheng Duo's father had been controlled. If Zheng Duo convicted Luo Huaigong, his father would be guaranteed to have enough food and clothing in the future. Zheng Duo knew that he would definitely die if he was charged with the crime, but considering that he only had this only relative at the moment, he had been with Luo Huaigong for so long, and he knew very well that he would not let him go easily. After thinking for a whole day, Zheng Duo finally felt relieved. He had thought clearly about everything he had to bear.

In the evening, Su Han took Wang Peng to Zheng Duo's rental house. Zheng Duo saw the purpose of their trip and finally said a word to Su Han, reminding her that her today is her tomorrow. Wang Peng hugged Zheng Duo tightly, and Su Han covered Zheng Duo's mouth and nose with a towel soaked in ether. After a while, Zheng Duo was knocked unconscious.

While Zheng Duo was unconscious, Su Han handed Wang Peng a switchblade and asked Wang Peng to cut Zheng Duo's wrist to make the appearance of suicide. Soon, the police discovered Zheng Duo's death. They found nitroglycerin with Kong Lingji's fingerprints in Zheng Duo's rental house, and a voice recorder, which contained the last phone call Kong Lingji received on the highway. The police made a bold speculation that Kong Lingji was murdered because the clothes Zheng Duo wore at the airport that day were in the closet. During surveillance, the man wearing the clothes quietly tampered with Kong Lingji's suitcase.


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