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Hou Mingjie is a very experienced police officer in criminal investigation. After Zheng Duo's case was handed over to him, he peeled off the details and finally saw the clues. In the collegial court, Hou Mingjie presented evidence to prove that Kong Lingji was scared to death and that it was premeditated. of intentional homicide. After the meeting, the relevant superiors told Qi Heng not to announce the cause of Kong Lingji's death during this period, otherwise it would have an impact on the local economy.

Luo Huaigong heard that Zheng Duo had released evidence before his death. Now that the cause of Kong Lingji's death had been found out, he was very angry. After Su Han reported the news to him, he felt uneasy when he saw Luo Huaigong's reaction. Luo Huaigong gritted his teeth and said he knew what happened. Anyone who tells the truth must die. Su Han felt chills go down her spine when she thought of what Zheng Duo told her before he died. That night, Luo Huaigong specifically asked Su Han to stay overnight. Su Han understood that Zheng Duo's fate might soon be her turn.

Luo Huaigong had bribed several people from the judicial authorities. They couldn't wait to put pressure on Qi Heng and began to focus on Guo Lun. Marathon felt that Guo Lun's case would be difficult, and immediately went to Qi Heng's house to discuss countermeasures and asked whether he should hire another defense lawyer for Guo Lun. Qi Heng knew very well that everything was against him. He was very passive in doing anything now. The only thing he could do was to wait for the outcome of the trial. Marathon was a little excited. He couldn't make sacrifices just because Guo Lun was Qi Heng's family. Of course, they also had to Work hard and get through the difficulties together.

The case regarding Guo Lun's illegal infringement of political information was heard again. Qi Heng and Marathon were sitting in the gallery. If found guilty of the trumped-up crime, according to the law, Guo Lun would have to face a fixed-term imprisonment of less than three years, and Qi Heng had already prepared an appeal. Although the preparation is very difficult, he will never give up. Guo Lun was very excited when he heard his brother-in-law's voice in his seat. In the end, the trial judge Lin Hong acquitted Guo Lun. Marathon and Guo Lun were very excited. Qi Heng had already turned around and ran home, excitedly preparing meals.

Lin Hong was very nervous on the way back. This time she was under heavy pressure and tried to eliminate all interference. The whole process was reasonable and reasonable, but it was unknown what she would face after the verdict. She might not be able to keep her job. The man held Lin's hand tightly. Hong's hand reassured her that she would probably resign and go home.

Qi Heng cooked a large table of dishes. After the meal, Qi Heng revealed his full prediction. The Intermediate Court would soon raise an objection, and it might take several days for Guo Lun's case to be concluded. Sure enough, Secretary Qi Yong, who was bribed by Luo Huaigong, severely reprimanded the president of the court, saying that their supervision was unfavorable and should be dealt with seriously. Guo Lun's case was again raised objections. During this period, Qi Heng also received a notice from his superiors as a result of the discovery of Zheng Duo's death. As the first witness, he also needs to cooperate with the investigation. Qi Heng saw the various small actions against him recently and knew that a storm was coming.


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