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In order to ease the tense atmosphere, Marathon asked Qi Heng how he loved Guo Nian and sincerely married him. This question made Qi Heng fall into memories, but he was not in the habit of talking about private matters in public. Marathon whispered to him, Answering this question is also to make Guo Lun feel better.

Qi Heng told how he fell in love with Guo Nian at first sight, and how he tried his best to pursue her. The life of spending less time together and more separation caused some cracks in the relationship between the two people. The couple started a cold war, and later Guo Nian decided to transfer away. When he arrived at the county town for work, Qi Heng did not agree with his wife's suggestion. While the two were pulling each other, Guo Nian fell to the ground and suffered a fracture. This is the domestic violence Guo Lun was talking about. The truth is that Qi Heng did not domestically abuse his wife, but his wife accidentally fell to the ground during the argument.

Marathon made a judgment without mercy, saying that it was indeed Guo Lun who misunderstood his brother-in-law. He originally wanted to quell the civil strife, but Guo Lun dropped his chopsticks and went straight back to the bedroom. After the meal, Marathon carefully knocked on Guo Lun's bedroom door to apologize. Guo Lun told her that in fact, he had always thought that his sister had been kidnapped, but Qi Heng just didn't believe it. This time he vowed to find his sister when he was released from prison.

In the evening, Qi Heng sent Marathon home. Qi Heng was also sad that the relationship with his brother-in-law was so tense. He felt that he should be blamed and resented for not taking good care of his wife and brother-in-law all these years.

The court found another important piece of evidence. The scene where Lin Yu filmed the three people fighting Wang Gui was all recorded on his mobile phone. Lin Yu's explanation in court was completely gentle, which can prove that Lin Yu did not lie.

Luo Huaigong had long held a grudge against Qi Heng. This time he vowed to find a loophole to force Qi Heng to take a back seat. When he heard that Guo Lun was back, he carefully investigated Guo Lun's background and unexpectedly discovered that reporter Guo Nian was Qi Heng's wife. Many years ago, Guo Nian went to the company to interview him. Luo Huaigong speculated that perhaps the interview at that time was arranged by Qi Heng.

Luo Huaigong began to bribe important leaders of the procuratorate, but the official's wife was very conscious. After the meal, she did not mention anything except the friendship between the two families. As a result, Luo Huaigong's bribery tactics did not succeed.

Marathon went to do ideological work with Guo Lun when he had time, trying to resolve the gap between him and Qi Heng. Qi Heng was not worthless to Guo Lun, but what he most urgently wanted now was to let Marathon help him find his sister. Marathon agreed that she would do her best, but there was a premise that she hoped that Guo Lun would first learn a skill to support herself, and when she had enough financial resources and knowledge, it would naturally be easier to find one.

The court heard the news that the procuratorate was preparing to prosecute for intentional injury. Marathon in the court was very puzzled after hearing the news. If the prosecution was for intentional injury, once it was determined that the defense was excessive, the other party might take advantage of the loophole.

In the evening, Qi Heng came home from work. Guo Lun reminded him that the next day was Guo Nian's birthday and asked him to make some birthday preparations at home together. Hearing that Qi Heng had another case to work on, he felt upset, and the two of them quarreled. stand up. Qi Heng was so excited that he finally confessed that he had been looking for Guo Nian all these years. He had asked all Guo Nian's friends, but there was no news. He was holding the Rubik's Cube every day. In fact, he missed his wife deeply.

The police found some clues from He Xiaoyu, the daughter of the captain He Shouyi. When He Shouyi was about to set off, he saw Zheng Duo who was about to board the ship in a hurry. Zheng Duo said that he wanted to go to the ship to see if there were any of his friends. If he found them, he would After buying a ticket and boarding the ship, Zheng Duo walked around the ship and decisively bought the summons without confirming to the captain that the person he wanted to find was inside.

Qi Heng speculated that Zheng Duo might have boarded the ship to find an opportunity to kill Hu Bai, but accidentally met the murderer Wang Gui.


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