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Luo Huaigong tried to please Ling Qing several times, not only by sending gifts many times, but also by helping their daughter study abroad and taking care of her in various ways. Ling Qing's heart began to tilt towards Luo Huaigong, but the director of the Procuratorate once again gave her political work and now advocates justice. Be transparent and fair, and maintain a psychological defense line at all times.

Guo Lun also saw the progress of the fishing boat case on TV. The moment he saw Zheng Duo, he was sure that this man kidnapped his sister five years ago. Guo Lun quickly told his brother-in-law this information. Qi Heng heard it and told him that he would wait for this Once the fishing boat case is over, this clue will be reported to the police. Guo Lun felt that his brother-in-law's execution was too weak, so he was so angry that he went out directly.

Soon, Zheng Duo received a call from Fa Xiaofan. Fan said that he was going to open a game company and recruited Guo Lun to join the company. He also said that the most profitable thing at present was games, and hacking technology made no money at all.

The fishing boat case was brought up again in the collegial court. Now there are two parties' suggestions. One party suggested that Zheng Duo be released immediately, while the other party insisted on supporting Qi Heng's suggestion. Zheng Duo was carrying a human life. It was not as simple as self-defense as rumored outside. The truth Maybe it was intentional homicide, and the maximum penalty was death.

The collegial panel decided to vote. During the meeting, there were nine votes in favor of Zheng Duo's excessive defense and a six-year sentence, which was far more than half of the votes. Qi Heng couldn't help but sigh when he saw this situation.

Luo Huaigong spent more money to buy a large number of navy keyboard warriors to stir up trouble and distort facts on the Internet and major video platforms. He posted on various communication channels that Zheng Duo is a hero who saves people, and the procuratorate should provide support. The number of comments exceeds 10,000. Luo Huaigong is putting pressure on the political and legal departments. As long as Zheng Duo is imprisoned for a day, public opinion will never subside.

Next came the judgment of Qi Wenjing. The collegial panel discussed that Liu Kai had tortured Qi Wenjing physically and mentally for a long time. Even if nothing happened on the ship, Qi Wenjing would still have murderous intentions. It was recommended that Qi Wenjing be sentenced to death. Qi Heng couldn't hold back anymore. He publicly stated that some people were using double standards to convict and give Zheng Duowen a free hand, while Qi Wenjing ignored the helplessness and hardships after the murder. Later, the collegial panel voted by a show of hands and agreed to sentence Qi Wenjing to death with a two-year reprieve.

In the majestic court, the verdict was issued: Qi Wenjing was sentenced to two years of suspended execution for killing Wang Guiping and Liu Kai; Zheng Duo was sentenced to six years in prison for intentional wounding, and Lin Yu was sentenced to three years in prison for intentional wounding. . After the law was pronounced, Marathon was dissatisfied with the sentence. She believed that the law's sentence of suspended death to Qi Wenjing was too harsh, and Zheng Duo, who had a well-off city, was only sentenced to six years. Qi Heng analyzed the case process for her, and found that a reprieve at least gave Qi Wenjing hope of survival. Only by surviving can she have the possibility of turning over.

Guo Lun has been staying at Fan Xiaofan's house these days. Hearing that the fishing boat case had been decided, he immediately found Marathon, hoping that she could help investigate Zheng Duo. Marathon saw that Guo Lun had determined that the suspect who kidnapped his sister was Zheng Duo. In order to calm the situation, Excited Guo Lun, Marathon agreed to help him investigate the truth.

Qi Heng was invited to dinner by relatives. At the banquet, she specifically asked Qi Heng to greet a certain leader of the hospital and try to find a suitable corneal transplant for her daughter as soon as possible. Feifei, a teenage girl in her prime, suffers from eye disease and lives like a blind person, which is very uncomfortable. Qi Heng understood the difficulties of his relatives, but he still said that order should not be disrupted. If the hospital started to overcrowd, it would be unfair to those patients who queue up peacefully. Guo Lun sighed after hearing this. His brother-in-law was too upright and fair, which was why he chilled the hearts of his relatives.


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