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Wang Mo was assigned to the First Criminal Court. Marathon saw his meager work experience and had doubts in his heart. He repeatedly emphasized that he must do well in the First Criminal Court and not hold back the collective.

When Xiao Lan heard that the criminal court had assigned a handsome young man, he immediately had his hair styled, hoping to leave a good impression on Wang Mo and get some good luck.

Long Guohao invited Ding Lili to have dinner together. This kind of business dinner was already common for Ding Lili. But I didn't expect that Long Guohao would also bring many fans, vying to sign autographs with Long Guohao, and the meal was extremely unpleasant. On the way back to the hotel, Ding Lili found someone following him and immediately stepped on the accelerator and roared past. There was another group of media reporters. When they saw Ding Lili, they took pictures wildly and followed him for a long distance. Ding Lili parked his car in front of theirs, picked up tools and started smashing the car windows of the media reporters.

Qi Heng heard that his sister-in-law was sick and was hospitalized, so he immediately went to the hospital to visit. After the infusion, the sister-in-law was worried that her blind daughter would not be taken care of and was anxious to go home. Qi Heng quickly drove her back. As a result, he saw on the way that the hotel where Feifei was staying was on fire, and Qi Heng quickly jumped into the sea of ​​​​fire. Finally finding Feifei, Qi Heng heard that his colleagues also entered the fire to rescue him, but his whereabouts were unknown, so he had to enter the fire scene again to look for people.

Due to his drunkenness and mood swings, Ding Lili had a car accident while driving on the road and hit several cars in a row, causing heavy casualties. Relying on his celebrity status, Ding Lili did not surrender. Instead, he quietly escaped while the police were rushing to rescue people. When I arrived at the toll station, I was found to be drunk driving by the traffic police and was immediately sent to the detention center.

Qi Heng was in danger in the fire. The elevator broke down during operation and he almost died of suffocation. Luo Huaigong happened to pass by and saw someone in distress. He thought about it and stretched out his hand again and again. Later he saw that the rescued person turned out to be Qi Heng. The hand pulling him out couldn't help but let go. Fortunately, Qi Heng was strong and managed to hold Luo Huaigong's hand and struggled out of the elevator car.

The building where the fire broke out was Feng Baichuan's home. He usually produces and researches some high-tech edible oil, and the balcony was already filled with cans of the product. After the inexplicable fire, the neighbors upstairs and downstairs suffered serious losses. The qualification of the high-tech oil products company opened by Feng Baichuan was borrowed from Luo Huaigong's business license. In just two years, it sold hundreds of thousands of tons. The quality of the products was not strictly controlled, and many of them were sold to some restaurants and school tables. The market There have been several cases of food poisoning among primary school students.

Ding Lili's drunk driving case occurred together with the gutter oil case. Qi Heng personally tried Ding Lili's drunk driving case. The case was prosecuted for endangering public safety. Regarding this bad accident case, Qi Heng wanted to catch an example to serve as a warning to others.


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