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Qi Heng was quite surprised when he heard the test results. The raw material of the ignition source oil was extracted from gutter oil, and it could pass the national fourth-level soybean oil standard. His colleagues were also puzzled, but all the data in the test report were there. Perhaps it was because of the times. Progress has been made, and the previous detection technology has become outdated.

Taking over Ding Lili's case, because one of the parties involved was media reporter Mi Rou, Qi Heng had a deeper understanding of the journalist industry, which reminded him that his wife had injuries on her face. When he asked her at home, his wife But he said he was accidentally injured. It is very likely that my wife touched someone's evil skin while reporting on the news, and she was brutally retaliated against.

The police further investigated and found that media reporter Mi Rou was related to the arson case. The police summoned Mi Rou to the police station. There, Mi Rou was uneasy and finally confessed that in order to lure Ding Lili to the window sill that night, she lit the prepared fireworks and went on a date. Men and women like to watch romantic things the most. As expected, Ding Lili hugged a woman and came to the window. Mi Rou took the photos he wanted and drove away immediately. She did not expect that the unextinguished flames would burn a house on the balcony. Grease ignites.

Qi Heng and Marathon passed the viaduct because of the case. Severe congestion symptoms had already appeared on the bridge. Wang Mo was dealing with the traffic jam on the bridge. Qi Heng learned from him that due to the traffic accident, several families were seriously affected, including two families. , originally lived a very happy life, but his child and wife were killed in a car accident, and he became permanently disabled. There was no happiness at all from then on.

Ding Lili was imprisoned and caused huge losses to the entertainment company. When the director saw that the company's stock price evaporated by more than one billion in an instant, he immediately decided to stop the loss in time and sell the company directly. Ding Lili had no use value and the company was very Quickly pay the fees for the lawyer who defended Ding Lili. In other words, it doesn't matter what Ding Lili's final verdict is. Not only will he no longer hire a defense lawyer, but his previous request to compensate the victim's family has also been rejected.

Ouyang He was surprised to see the company's attitude towards Ding Lili. As a defense lawyer, he understood that Ding Lili was guilty of drunk driving, but the crime was not worthy of death. What's more, at that time, entertainment reporters were chasing him for half a year, and he was already seriously injured. It interfered with Ding Lili's life and caused him to lose control of his emotions. Out of professional ethics, Ouyang He decided to continue to be Ding Lili's defense lawyer.

In court, the defense lawyer requested the death penalty for Ding Lili based on the victim's application. When Ding Lili heard this request, he almost collapsed emotionally and blurted out that if he had known about today's court hearing, he would regret not killing those two people. An aggressive reporter.

Now Ding Lili's company has refused to bear the compensation for the victim. Civil compensation is also related to sentencing. Just when Ding Lili was desperate, his mother appeared. Ding's mother publicly promised that she would do her best to compensate the victim and sell all her belongings. She even said in tears that Ding Lili could not have intentionally hit and run because his father ran away because of the driver who caused the accident and eventually died of excessive blood loss. Ding's mother solemnly and sincerely apologized to all the families who had been hurt. The victims present were also moved, and the trial came to an end for the time being.


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