Ady An 安以軒 is a Taiwanese-Chinese actress and singer. First talent-scouted when she was working at a coffee store in Taipei,


  • Name: Ady An 安以軒, Wen Jing
  • Birthday: 1980-Sep-29
  • Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Height: 165cm
  • Weight: 43kg
  • Star sign: Libra
  • Chinese zodiac: Monkey
  • Blood type: O
  • Family: Cousin/actress Elaine Xiang and husband/businessman Levo Chen (陳榮煉)
  • Education: Taiwan Hospitality and Tourism University
  • Specialty: Recitation, crosstalk and debates
  • Languages: Mandarin and Taiwanese
  • Hobbies: Watching TV and shopping
  • Talent agency: H.Brothers
  • Occupation: Singer and actress
  • Active Years: 2001 - present


TV Series
    Hai Shang Si Lu (post production)
    The Legend of Dugu (2018)
    Royal Sister Returns (2017)
    Demon Girl (2016)
    Decoded (2016)
    Plastic Surgery Season (2016, cameo)
    Epiphyllum Dream (2015)
    The Female Assassins in the Palace (Anhui TV, 2015)
    Go, Single Lady (ZJTV, 2014)
    Bian Guan Feng Huo Qing 边关烽火情 (Dragon TV, 2013)
    Quan Min Gong Zhu 全民公主 (Dragon TV, 2013)
    Refresh 3+7 as Xia Tian (Dragon TV, 2012)
    Xin Wu Long Shan Jiao Fei Ji as A Xi Miao Miao (Hunan TV, 2012)
    The Emperor's Harem as Shao Chun Hua (2011)
    Journey to the West as Bai Gu Jing (2011)
    Shui Hu Zhuan as Li Shi Shi (2011)
    Ancient Terracotta War Situation as Dong er (CCTV, 2011)
    Autumn's Concerto as Liang Mu Cheng (TTV / SETTV, 2009)
    The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber as Zhao Min (2009)
    Suo Qing Qiu as Du Lan Yan (2009)
    Niu Lang Zhi Nu as Zhi Nu / Weaver Girl / Si Ying (2008)
    Yun Niang as Yun'er (2008)
    Super Mates as Du Xiao Feng (CTS, 2007)
    Love Multiplication as Fan Li Sha (CTS, 2007)
    The Great Revival as Xi Shi (CCTV, 2007)
    Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain as Miao Ruolan (2006)
    White Robe of Love as Liu Yining (CTS, 2006)
    Fast Track Love as Ouyang Qian (2006)
    Da Han Tian Zi 3 as Huo Qilian (2006)
    Baseball Love Affair (2005, guest)
    Chinese Paladin as Lin Yueru (CTV/TCS, 2005)
    The Legend of Hero as Chen Jieyu, Hua Wenying (2004)
    The Outsiders II as Pei Yuyan/Xiao Yan Zi (GTV, 2004)
    Blazing Courage as Li Jiajia (GTV, 2004)
    Singles Dormitory as Yu Ruoxue (CTS, 2004)
    The Outsiders as Pei Yuyan/Xiao Yan Zi (GTV, 2004)
    Good Luck Angel 王牌天使 as Kang Jia Rou (TTV, 2003)
    Blue Star 藍星 (2003)
    Ma La Gao Xiao Sheng 麻辣高校生 as Ke Ling (2002)
    Spicy Teacher (CTS, 2001)

    Spicy Hot in Love (2015)
    Mystery (2014)
    One Day (2014)
    Mr. Lucky (2014)
    Control (2013)
    Saving General Yang (2013) as Princess Chai
    Chrysanthemum to the Beast (2012)
    Rhapsody of Marriage / 结婚狂想曲 (2012)
    Case Sensitive / 敏感事件 (2011)
    If You Are The One II (2010)
    Death and Glory in Changde / 喋血孤城 (2010)
    Heir to the Throne (2004)
    Kung Fu Girls / 空手道少女組 (2003)


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