BLUE ENCOUNT is a Japanese rock band signed to Ki/oon Records. The band originates from Kumamoto, Japan. They made their major label debut with the mini-album TIMELESS ROOKIE. 


-1. Shunichi Tanabe (田邊 駿一) - Vocals, Guitar
-2. Yuuya Eguchi (江口 雄也) - Guitar
-3. Yuuta Tsujimura (辻村 勇太) - Bass
-4. Yoshihide Takamura (高村 佳秀) - Drums


Tanabe, Eguchi, and Takamura meet at Kumamoto National College of Technology . The tennis club that Tamotsu wanted to join was closed, and when he entered the club room of the adjacent light music club, there was Takamura who was also aspiring to play tennis. BLUE ENCOUNT was formed by 4 people including bassists from the first grade. The name of the band is derived from the jinx that the colored band name sells and the title “Blue Encounter” of the Hong Kong movie that Tabata saw at the rental shop. The first live performance was a live event for high school students hosted by Kumamoto's live house “Django” “Rock'n Roll High School”, and a copy of ELLEGARDEN 's Jitter Bug . 


At TEENS 'MUSIC FESTIVAL 2006 sponsored by Yamaha Music Promotion Association and Nippon Broadcasting Corporation , he participated in Kyushu qualifying as representative of Kumamoto, but did not proceed to the national competition. SKIN-HEADz (current ircle ), who was chosen as the representative of Kyushu at this time, and SUPER BEAVER, who won the national tournament, later co-starred in an event, and they are still close friends. After graduating from the technical colleges of Eguchi and Takamura, three of them moved to Tokyo and Tokyo School of Music College Shibuya . Kashimura who was a senior of a vocational school participated as a support,

    Won Grand Prix at Yamaha's 2nd Music Revolution TOKYO FINAL. Kashimura officially joined 

    1stMiniAlbum “the beginning of the beginning” release The results were not as expected, and the members called “the Dark Age” at that time. After that, he went on a split tour with ircle and SUPER BEAVER, and occasionally said that the advice from both bands was a great opportunity to escape from the Dark Ages. 

    year 2012 
    2ndMiniAlbum “HALO” release “HALO” increases YouTube views and gradually increases live mobilization 

    January One-man live at Shibuya O-Crest sold out 

Since then, the scale of the venue has been expanded, but sold-outs have been recorded in all one-man live performances.

    August First appearance at Summer Sonic . 
    In November, released split album "BONEDS" with MY FIRST STORY , AIR SWELL, and SWANKY DANK 


In January, “BONEDS TOUR” was held by 4 bands, making it popular throughout the country. In an interview at that time, he stated that he would perform at Nippon Budokan two years later. "September 10", "TIMELESS LOOKIE" release from Ki / oon Music , major debut

    In exchange for NICO Touches the Walls , whose appearance was canceled on December 31st at COUNTDOWN JAPAN1516 , he served as a bird for EARTH STAGE. As a result, it was the second consecutive appearance on December 30th, the original appearance limit. 

    January 16 "Beginning" release 
    Responsible for the support song of the 94th National High School Soccer Championship , and performed live in the final match at Saitama Stadium . 

On October 9th, the first one-man live was held at Nippon Budokan . Tickets sold out on the same day and mobilized 11,000 people. Also, during this live performance, the producer of the Japanese TV drama “ THE LAST COP / Last Cop ”, who was in charge of the theme song , told him “Please put it in the drama!” First appearance in a series as a role.

In the final episode of the 10th December broadcast, Yuki Saito 's “Graduation” was sung with a cappella in the play. 

BLUE ENCOUNT promoting "Survivor" (2016)
BLUE ENCOUNT promoting "FREEDOM" (2018)
Studio Albums

    [2014.02.05] BAND OF DESTINATION (Indies)
    [2015.07.22] ≒ (ニアリーイコール)
    [2017.01.11] THE END
    [2018.03.21] VECTOR

Split Albums



    [2010.04.14] the beginning of the beginning (Indies)
    [2012.04.11] HALO EFFECT (Indies)
    [2013.01.25] SIGNALS (Indies)
    [2013.06.26] NOISY SLUGGER (Indies)
    [2014.09.10] TIMELESS ROOKIE
    [2019.06.05] SICK(S)


    [2015.01.28] Motto Hikari wo (もっと光を; More Light)
    [2015.05.20] DAY×DAY
    [2016.01.13] Hajimari (はじまり; Begin)
    [2016.03.09] Survivor
    [2016.06.29] Daijoubu (だいじょうぶ; Alright)
    [2016.11.23] LAST HERO
    [2017.04.26] Sayonara (さよなら; Goodbye)
    [2017.11.29] VS
    [2018.11.21] FREEDOM
    [2019.09.11] Bad Paradox (バッドパラドックス)
    [2019.11.20] Polaris (ポラリス)

Video Releases

    [2017.03.22] LIVER'S Budokan (LIVER'S 武道館)


    [2017.03.29] AKG TRIBUTE (#9 Understand)


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