DA PUMP ダパンプ is a Japanese Jpop boy band in Japan. The band was formed by students at Okinawa Actors School in 1996. They made their debut on the Avex Trax subsidiary avex tune under the guidance of producer Akio Togashi on June 11, 1997, with "Feelin' Good - It's Paradise".  As one of the few male bands unassociated with Johnny's Entertainment, they were the first to gain major popularity reaching their peak in 2001 with the release of Da Best of Da Pump.


  • BAND Name: DA PUMP ダパンプ
  • Orgin: Japan
  • Debut: 1997
  • Genres: J-pop, EDM, eurodance, hip hop
  • Years active: 1996–present
  • Labels: Avex Tune
  • Associated acts: Namie Amuro, MAX, Speed, w-inds



  1. Issa Hentona -Lead vocalist  (1996–present)
  2. Daichi (2008–present)
  3. Kenzo (2008–present)
  4. Tomo (2008–present)
  5. Kimi (2008–present)
  6. Yori (2008–present)
  7. U-Yeah (2008–present)


  • Shinobu (1996–2006)
  • Yukinari (1996–2008)
  • Ken (1996–2009)
  • Kazuma (2008–2013)


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