Diggy-MO', the lead MC for SOUL'd OUT, acquired a foundation of music through several years of classic piano training. In middle school he formed a band which was heavily influenced by the hip-hop group The Roots. Diggy-MO' attended a university of fine arts to major in graphics, but he continued to dabble in music. In SOUL'd OUT, he, along with Bro.Hi, writes the lyrics for the music, and he composes and arranges a good number of works for the band. He is classified as a rapper, but he often sings in his songs, especially his solo works, which are not as heavily hip-hop and urban based as SOUL'd OUT's works are.

He launched his first solo effort, the single Bakusou Yume Uta, on 2008 November 26. It was used as the 3rd ending theme of the anime Soul Eater. Diggyism, his debut solo album, hit shelves on 2009 March 25. His last solo single before reuniting with SOUL'd OUT, Stay Beautiful, was announced as the 23rd ending theme of the anime series Bleach, and was released on 2010 May 12. The follow-up album, Diggyism II, came out on 2010 July 7. 

Diggy-MO' was one of the first Japanese rappers to begin mixing English and Japanese. He has been classically trained on the piano for 10 years, and also studied graphic design in college. He describes his style as "Melody Flow," a mixture of rapping and singing. Diggy formed a rap group in high school. Since SOUL'D OUT's success, he has collaborated with many artists such as m-flo, Heartsdales, SAL, a.mia, artificial intelligence and BENNIE K as a featured rapper.

Interesting Facts:
-In 2008, he started to pursue a solo career.
-Born: March 23, 1978 (age 41 years)
-Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
-Record label: Sony Music Japan International
-Music group: Soul'd Out (Since 1999)


    [2009.03.25] Diggyism
    [2009.10.07] Diggy-MO' LIVE TOUR 2009 "WHO THE Fxxx IS JUVE?" + Remixies (Live Album)
    [2010.07.07] Diggyism II


    [2008.11.26] Bakusou Yume Uta (爆走夢歌)
    [2009.02.04] JUVES / VEGA
    [2009.08.05] ToMiTaMi ToMiTaMo
    [2009.11.18] Arcadia
    [2010.05.12] STAY BEAUTIFUL

Compilations / Others

    [2009.05.27] May J. - FAMILY (#1 Garden feat. DJ KAORI, 'Diggy-MO', Clench&Blistah)
    [2011.04.27] May J. - WITH ~BEST collaboration NON-STOP DJ mix~ (#26 Garden feat. DJ KAORI, 'Diggy-MO', Clench&Blistah)
    [2012.04.25] THE YATO - 9:10 pm (#9 Break JAM with Diggy-MO (SOUL'd OUT))
    [2013.06.12] Lily.μ - LOVE AMUSEMENT (#1 SUMMER LOVE feat. Diggy-MO' (SOUL'd OUT))


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