Dylan Xiong 熊梓淇 is a Chinese male singer and actor. Dylan started singing in 2012 as a member of "Rainbow Chamber singers". In 2016, he became part of a Taiwanese boy band SpeXial. He debuted his acting career in 2014 on a TV series "Lao Ba Tai Jiong".


  • Name: Dylan Xiong 熊梓淇, Xiong Zi Qi
  • Real name: 熊浩 / Xiong Hao
  • Birthday: 1992-Jun-06
  • Birthplace: Liaoning, China
  • Height: 188cm
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • Blood type: A
  • Education: Shanghai Conservatory of Music
  • Occupation: Actor, Singer
  • Music group: SpeXial
  • Active Years (acting): 2014 - present
  • Active Years (Singing): 2012 - present
  • Agency: Comic International Productions


TV Series

    Youth Inn (2021)
    Love is Always Online (2020) as Jiang Anlan
    As Long As You Love Me (2020) as Zhou Yanzhao
    Legend of Awakening (2020) as Yan Xifan
    Pretty Man 2 (2019) as Lu Jinnian
    Another Me (2019) as Su Jiaming
    Young Blood Agency (2019) as Tong Lichuan (guest)
    Hi, I'm Saori (2018) as Robot #685 (cameo)
    One and Another Him (2018) as Xiao En
    Pretty Man (2018) as Lu Jinnian
    My Mr. Mermaid (2017) as Tang Yibai
    Men with Sword 2 (2017) as Zhong Kunyi
    Painting Heart Expert ‎(2017) as Ning Weiyu
    The Legendary School: Three Lives Three Worlds Tao Hua Yuan (2017) as Liu Yun
    Men with Sword (2016) as Zhong Kunyi
    The Ultimate Ranger (2016) as Lan Bo
    Dad Is Too Jealous (2016) as Yang Wenbo


    Super Firm (2017) as Ye Yuwen

TV Series Theme Songs

    Parallel Love (平行爱情) - As Long As You Love Me (2020)
    Only Want To Be With You (只想跟你在一起) with Lai Yu Meng - Pretty Man 2 (2019)
    Noisy (闹) - Young Blood Agency (2019)
    Fight for You - Hi, I'm Saori (2018)
    Not a Rash Act (不是冲动) with Li Xi Rui - Pretty Man (2018)
    Super Hero - My Mr. Mermaid (2017)
    Just Scream Loudly Like This (就這樣大聲吶喊吧) - My Mr. Mermaid (2017)
    Loving You In A Good Weather (愛上你的好天氣) with Tan Song Yun - My Mr. Mermaid (2017)
    Broken Tears (破淚) - Men with Sword 2 (2017)
    Fire Battle and Alarming Smoke (戰火荒煙) - Men with Sword 2 (2017)
    Hero (英雄) - Men with Sword 2 (2017)
    Painter (畫師) - Painting Heart Expert ‎(2017)
    Moonlight Strategy (月光訣) - Men with Sword (2016)
    Sword Flying Heart (劍心飛揚) with Evan - Men with Sword (2016)



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