Kido Gao Han Yu 高瀚宇 is a Chinese male actor and singer in mainland China. He is a member of the boy group HIT-5.


  • Name: 高瀚宇 / Gao Han Yu
  • English name: Kido
  • Real name: 高宇 / Gao Yu
  • Birthday: 1989-Feb-06
  • Birthplace: Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius
  • Chinese zodiac: Snake
  • Occupation: Actor and singer
  • Band: HIT-5


TV Series

    The Great Pei (2021) as Pei Xinghai
    The Timeless Change (2020) as Xiao Linnan
    Cyrano Agency (2020) as Xu Youshen
    Upon The Mountain (2020) as Peng Yue
    Love Is Sweet (2020) as Du Lei
    Please Love Me (2019) as Lin Tiannuo
    The King's Avatar (2019) as Yu Wenzhou
    Flipped (2018) as Qi Xun
    S.C.I. Mystery (2018) as Bai Yutong
    Legend of Fuyao (2018) as Jiang Feng
    Fighter of the Destiny (2017) as Xuan Yuanpo
    Acting Department (2016) as Xu Bowen
    Hello Mr. Right (2016) as Shen Haoran
    Midnight Taxi (2015) as Chen Da
    The Diary of The Girl (2015) as He Xiaodong
    Private Park (2012) as Liang Yongtai
    Chong Ba Zai Nan (2012) as Gao Yu
    Flight Attendant Diary (2011) as Sara's boyfriend

TV Series Theme Songs

    Miracle - Love Is Sweet (2020)


    Ailen: The Clown (2018) as Lan Jue
    Alien: Bloody Hunting (2018) as Lan Jue
    Planning of be in Love (2017) as Lin Yaozheng
    Alien: Bloody Hunting (2016) as Lan Jue
    Alien: Fata Morgana (2016) as Lan Jue
    Ailen: Walking Castle (2016) as Lan Jue
    Pu Tong Pu Tong Hua Shao Nian (2016) as Hua Qianrou
    My First Love in Youth (2016) as Jiang Xiaofeng
    Ghost In Side (2015) as Chen Bin
    That Year (2015) as Chu Tiantan
    Youth Hormones 2 (2014) as Lei Yu
    80 Diao (2012) as Gao Yu


    2019 Golden Bud - The Third Network Film and Television Festival: Capable Actor of the Year (S.C.I. Mystery)
    2018 Silk Road Cohesion Awards: Rising Actor (S.C.I. Mystery)
    2017 China Film Fashion Influence Awards: New Actor (Fighter of the Destiny)


In 2007, he participated in the singing reality show " My Type My Show " and entered the top ten in the country . In 2008, he participated in the singing talent show " Absolute Singing " and was named the best idol popular player; in the same year, he joined the boy group HIT-5 and released the first single "HIT", thus making his official debut . In 2010, the group released the first music album " 5 Unloved ". In 2011, starred in the emotional suspense drama " Private Park . In 2012, he released the hip-hop single " Dou " with the group. In 2013, the group released the second music album " How are you guys ".
In 2014, starred in the youth inspirational movie " Youth Hormone 2 The Age of Restlessness ". In 2015, starred in the campus idol drama " Ouch, Acting Department ". In 2016, starring in the criminal investigation drama " SCI Mystery Collection ". 2017, participating in fantasy costume drama " Optional day record " broadcast . In 2018, the costume fantasy drama " Fuyao " was broadcast. In 2019, he won the Annual Network Power Actor Award of the 3rd Jinguduo Network Film and Television Festival


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